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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Does Hookah Make You High?

Many hookahs out there claim that they will make you high, but many also claim that they don’t. Thus, the question remains – does hookah make you high? Does hookah even work at all? Let’s answer all these questions and find out! Maybe you’ve already tried it and hooked on the first puff, so you are he...

Does Hookah Make You High?

What is hookah? Does Hookah Make You High? You must have been wondering these questions for quite some time now. The hookah trend is massive, yet it is evident that not many people know about it. Hookah refers to a water pipe that is famous for smoking purposes. There are other names of hookah as well. These are Narghile, Hu...

Does hookah make you high?

This is probably the biggest concern and question among the beginners – ‘Does hookah make you high?’ Well, personally, I feel that it entirely depends on the nature and probability of your hookah setup. You have to be concerned about the ratio and choosing the practical tobacco flavor to get a mild buzz. If you...

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