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Does hookah make you high?

This is probably the biggest concern and question among the beginners – ‘Does hookah make you high?’

Well, personally, I feel that it entirely depends on the nature and probability of your hookah setup. You have to be concerned about the ratio and choosing the practical tobacco flavor to get a mild buzz. If you are genuinely, deeply, and madly in love with hookah shisha and often get into the indulgence, I will certainly consider you as an expert!

To experts, “hookah is not concerned about a revolutionary smoking device that will give you a high and intolerable buzz.”

Setting up and customizing your hookah is entirely responsible for offering you the ultimate buzz that you have wanted!

Further ado, let’s explore if there is any possibility to get high after inhaling the hookah?

Do you get a buzz from hookah?

The short answer is yes. This one is probably the foremost reason that makes the hookah popular and demanding to the youngsters and seniors! I have tried my favorite shisha flavors that can offer you some kind of buzz. But it is unable to make you high. It is not the kind of marijuana or another type of drug that makes you feel on Cloud 9. This is one of the greatest and exciting methods that has been used for several years for smoking purposes and to have a great time with friends!


But at the same time, I must consider that smoking hookah will offer you a light-headed feeling or wobbly smoking experience for a considerable time. But that’s all for temporary; it doesn’t last. If you are a serious buzz fan, you can try hookah to invent a real buzz. An hour of continuous smoking gave me a different effect from dizziness to a tingling sensation, but that was really helpful for me to get rid of all the tiredness I have achieved during the hectic week.

Don’t expect to get high, look forward to getting a good buzz!

Feelings can be different for the individual. Be it you or me, that really doesn’t matter. You need to understand the proper ratio of each hookah ingredient you have gathered to prepare a hookah session. The proportion is significant to get a good buzz but not to get high. However, hookah doesn’t carry this specific feature to offer you.

Depending on the consumption of the nicotine in hookah, these feelings can be slight or intense.  The critical factor to discover the dizziness and witness the tingling sensation if you are highly expecting to get high after having a long session. Usually, hookah enthusiasts do not have such a feeling. Instead, they are well-aware to get a good sense. However, the perceptions must be individual and differ from person to person depending on the different brands used for the hookah.

Are you concerned about the after-effects of hookah?

Generally, many hookah lovers are concerned about that, and you have to understand the basic fact. The constituents of the hookah seriously determine the after-effects on the users, bit beginner or expert.  I assume that many of you, especially beginners, are keen to discover the natural feel you could achieve. Trust me; there is nothing inspiring you could gain through a hookah session if you are looking for such tipsiness. The universal truth is if you want to get high by intaking hookah, that is not possible.


This sophisticated smoking device has been made with such ingredients that can only create good smoke, nice puffs, great ambiance, exotic flavor, and a good buzz. There are all essential elements that all you can expect from a hookah. Although, if you are not concerned enough about the proper proportions of your liquids and tobaccos that you are adding to the bowl and base, that is something I can’t really guarantee you. You should know the fact that the different blends of nicotine used in the hookah set-up can cause variable effects. Also, the feature of such tobaccos is equally essential, and if you are new to this hookah platform, you should gather expert knowledge to take the right path.

Understanding the nature of tobacco that is responsible for a safe session

Dark tobacco, black shisha tobacco, herbal tobacco or shishas, colored leaves are relatively more substantial, but it offers more negligible effect. Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Zomo, Adlya, Azure, Fumari – these brands specialize in experimenting the tobacco to offer the ultimate result but with a minimum impact. So, as you can feel, it will give you less after-effect of hookah smoke.

Besides these, they are researching the ingredients of nicotine and tobacco to make them less harmful. Experts always suggest that you need to go through well-depth research that gives an insight on dos and don’ts before getting desperate to buy any particular tobacco.

Trifecta Dark Tobacco, Azure Black Shisha Tobacco, and Tangiers Tobacco – these well-reputed brands are pretty concerned about their offerings and ingredients. Moreover, they run tried and tested methods to explore the flavors and proportion of nicotine. These methods are beneficial to hookah smokers, especially beginners, and assure the minimum density of smokers worldwide.

Hence, using nicotine from these brands can produce moderate effects compared to other shisha brands.

Don’t get confused between ‘Buzz’ and ‘High.’ Acknowledge the characteristics.

These two can be achieved by intaking liquids directly if you want or if you are not an ardent fan of drinking and a genuine fan of hookah, then you should have this minimum knowledge.

So, the fact is: Hookah does not make you high but can offer you a minimum excitement to enjoy the buzz. But it isn’t easy to describe what a buzz and high feels like. I also got super confused sometimes as I enjoy the feeling for a specific time and do not understand what is happening with me as I feel light-headed. So, I go beyond all the thinking and calculations. The dizziness makes me feel comfortable, but I don’t like to get high. Otherwise, I need to take other options rather than smoking hookah. I enjoy the buzz that hookah offers.


To me, the buzz is all about relaxation, and getting high is pampering everyone to let know my feelings for specific things! This is disturbing. You really can’t enjoy some ‘me time’ if you get high.

When you are able to achieve the tingling sensation throughout your body, be sure that you are all caught up. Depending on your body chemistry and reaction, these sensations and feelings can be slight to medium or a bit more intense indeed.

Appreciate the practical circumstance. Don’t expect the unusual.

In the beginning, I was fascinated and expected the circumstance where I could get high after a hookah session! But soon, I discover that I have dreamt about an unreal and absolutely zero possibility of that thing. But soon, I realized, even this feeling is quite enjoyable and started loving hookah. So, if you expect to have something uncertain and unusual, don’t go for this smoking device. This will surely give you a buzz but can’t help you with getting high.


You need to understand the circumstance you are opting for. You can not urge for some unnecessary issues. Using the hookah as a smoking device is definitely an excellent option for all the smokers outside, but this is a polite form of smoking. So, it’s better not to expect something harsh and strong from this. This expectation can let you down.

Can addiction happen due to excessive use of hookah?

Now, this is something that I can assure you—the probability and chance of getting addicted if any smoking substance is generally high. Thus, hookah doesn’t offer you a different story. The amount and proportion of tobacco are being considered the same as used in cigarettes. So, it tends to invite addiction automatically. But again, this also depends on your compatibility with the device and ingredients you have owned. Addiction is a ‘big word, but it can’t be the same for everyone. Try to adopt the addiction as little as possible and remember it you treat with this to not offer you a severe health hazard.

Inhaling nicotine directly can be a significant cause of addiction, but that doesn’t mean I am getting seriously addicted to it, but the chances are high. You will have to control these major issues, especially related to smoking purposes.

Invent something different. Forget the age-old methods.

Most of us are well-aware of the fact that nicotine is the primary substance to get the buzz. Well, this is probably something that you can forget. Of course, tobacco or nicotine plays an integral role in smoking purposes and creates a good buzz. But several manufacturers in the market are quite concerned about the smoker’s health, and thus, they have invented some avant-garde options: tobacco and nicotine free.

They concentrate on producing “herbal shisha” as the herbal alternative to replace the tobacco leaves with fruit pulp or sugar cane. These herbal shishas are gaining popularity for offering fine ingredients like molasses, honey, glycerine, and other flavoring substances.

You will be happy to know that these substances are enough to produce the ultimate “buzz” you are looking for! Tobacco or nicotine is fruitful only when used to maintain the right proportionate amounts or resort to healthy ways. If I get the chance to explore such the most significant substitute of high-end tobacco-free options to get the buzz, why on earth would I let go of that? Right?

Final Thoughts

Before setting up a hookah, you must be habituated with the prime facts. I have chalked out the smokers’ fundamental concerns and problems, which often leads to an unsatisfactory result. But if you follow this way out, you will be able to change your smoking hookah pattern to a healthy way and enjoy a long-lasting hookah session. So, I hope my thoughts are helpful enough to deliver the best options to smoke without compromising with the taste or any flavors!

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