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Does Hookah Make You High?

What is hookah? Does Hookah Make You High? You must have been wondering these questions for quite some time now. The hookah trend is massive, yet it is evident that not many people know about it.

Hookah refers to a water pipe that is famous for smoking purposes. There are other names of hookah as well. These are Narghile, Hubble-bubble, Shisha, and Goza. However, the term ‘hookah’ is known worldwide. The term hookah means the pipe and not the contents of this instrument. It was invented hundreds of years back in the Middle East region. Yet, today, people from every corner of the world know about this instrument and wonder, “does hookah make you high?”. We are here to inform you about this instrument and whether it makes you high or not. People use this instrument for smoking flavored tobaccos all over the world. According to the latest surveys, about 20% of today’s teenagers are into smoking hookah!

What Does A Hookah Consist Of?

The constituents of a hookah are as follows:

  • Rubber hose
  • Bowl
  • Smoke chamber along with a pipe
  • Flavored shisha tobacco
  • Charcoal

After you have gathered the things mentioned above, you need to set up the hookah properly. Many people prefer to try various flavors to get a pleasant tangy aftertaste after each puff. There are different popular flavors available in the market: mint, apple, licorice, chocolate, and much more.

Is It Possible For Someone To Get High Using A Hookah?

Hookah isn’t like marijuana or any sort of drug. Therefore, in simple terms, smoking hookah wouldn’t make you high. However, the nicotine present in the hookah mix can lead to a feeling of dizziness and relaxation. If someone doesn’t smoke at all, they might even feel lightheaded or shaky if they smoke the hookah for quite some time. So your question, “does hookah make you high?” is on the opposing side.

Does Hookah Make You High?

However, you might be thinking about the buzz that many smokers feel after an hour of hookah smoking. This buzz is very different from what you preferably call being “high.” Also, the feeling of buzz is different from user to user. It can range from feeling dizzy zyto a tingling sensation all over the body. One might feel a slight or intense sense depending on their hookah intake. Thus, the amount of nicotine present in the hookah will create the amount of “buzz.”

The primary factor which creates this buzz during a hookah smoking session is the nicotine. This is the reason why the perceptions differ from person to person depending on the different brands used for the hookah.

Can A Particular Hookah Brand Make You High?

Usually, the constituents of the hookah determine the after-effects on the users. The different blends of nicotine used in a hookah setup can cause variable effects. The brand, which consists of a light “blonde” colored leaf, is usually low in nicotine content. Thus, smoking these brands during a hookah session will have moderate effects compared to other shisha brands. Brands that come with a darker variant of the tobacco leaves are relatively more robust than the previous ones. These leaves provide a darker color to the shisha as it consists of a high level of nicotine. Thus, smoking these brands gives a more substantial effect than the previous “blonde” leaves. Therefore, the basic rule to feeling a buzz with your shisha is that the more nicotine is present in the hookah, the higher the chances of feeling high.

P.S: None should consume any drugs or nicotine or tobacco on an empty stomach.

If anyone tends to smoke hookah on an empty stomach, they might feel sick due to the smoke entering their body. Also, the coals used to ignite hookah tobacco might make a person feel nauseous in some instances. This is because of the fumes coming from the burning of the coals. These might cause other side effects, which include headaches and pain in the body. Feeling the buzz also depends on how you prepare the hookah bowl and pack the leaves in it. The key to making a suitable pack is never to under-pack or over-pack the hookah bowl. In both cases, the airflow channels get blocked. Hence, there is an obstruction in the production of the smoke. So pack wisely to let the airflow get the proper after-effects of smoking the hookah.

Can You Get Addicted To Smoking A Hookah?

The tobacco used in hookah is the same you would find in cigarettes. Thus, if you are a persistent smoker and do not use hookah in a controlled manner, there is a risk of getting addicted. Smoking hookah means inhaling nicotine, tar along with heavy metals, which include lead and arsenic. The nicotine used in hookahs does have addictive properties if the person smokes or chews it continuously without any control. It is as addictive as any form of drug, such as cocaine or heroin. This is because the human body absorbs nicotine and can reach the brain center within 8 seconds after consumption. Such substances enter the blood within no time and get the adrenal glands in the body. This leads to the secretion of adrenaline hormones in the body. Since there is an increased level of adrenaline in the body, it increases the heart rate. The rise follows the increase in heart rate and blood pressure of the body. Eventually, the breathing rate of the person also elevates. Since so many phenomena are going on in the body, the smoker feels less hungry and content for a specified period. This feeling can only be pleasant if the person manages to check on their nicotine consumption activities.

It is a wrong assumption that the occasional usage of hookah pipes and tobacco can lead to addiction. This isn’t right. However, if the person applies controlled use to nicotine and hookah, it does not threaten the human body.

One should also be careful while using the same mouthpiece to avoid any infection.

Is There Any Way Of Feeling The Buzz Without Nicotine Consumption?

Tobacco is a common form of shisha used in hookah for smoking purposes. Yet, various well-known brands in the market present their herbal variations of hookah tobacco. These options are entirely tobacco-free, yet you can feel the after-effects of smoking hookah. Thus, you are safe from any risk of getting a disease.

Does Hookah Make You High?

These forms of shisha are known as “herbal shisha.” These are alternative herbal variants to replace tobacco leaves with fruit pulp or sugar cane. Since this tobacco is made out of molasses, honey, glycerin, and other flavoring substances, the ultimate buzz can be felt by smokers.

Thus for your query, “does hookah make you high?” The answer is no! However, it has severe effects on the health of the user. But this isn’t harmful if a person uses it occasionally. It needs to be used in the right proportionate amounts or resort to healthy ways. Thus, one can easily change to a healthy way to enjoy their hookah session without compromising the taste or any flavors.

What If I Do Not Want To Feel Any Buzz From The Hookah?

If you do not want any nicotine buzz at all, don’t worry! There are several choices available which you can try.

These are called “herbal shishas.” Now, what is so different about these forms of shisha flavor? Tobacco leaves are left out of herbal shisha. Thus, you will not be getting any nicotine in your system, so you will not experience any nicotine buzz.

Thus, you can try herbal shisha as your primary source of flavor. These herbal brands still have plenty of flavors and give off smoke and clouds the same way as your standard shisha. It’s just that there is no nicotine or buzz when you are trying this form of shisha tobacco.

Myths About A Hookah Setup

  1. Hookah And Vapes Are Same
    Hookah is a setup where the heated tobacco smoke passes through cool water to reach the smoker via a water pipe structure. Whereas in vapes, nicotine and various other substances are burnt at higher temperatures to produce vapors.
  2. Hookah Isn’t As Addictive As Cigarettes
    Hookah smoking can lead to the inhalation of tobacco, which contains nicotine. As you already know, nicotine is an addictive substance. Thus, smoking hookah too can be as addictive as smoking cigarettes. Depending on the amount of nicotine in these flavors, some people might even feel dizzy smoking hookah.
  3. Hookah Smoke Is Safe Since It Passes Through Water
    Hookah smokers often think that hookah smoke is much healthier than cigarettes. Unfortunately, this fact isn’t true at all. Hookah smoke contains significant amounts of the same chemicals that make cigarette smoke harmful.

Ending Note

Smoking hookah doesn’t make you high. However, it does have many severe risks and is addictive, much like cigarette smoking. So if you think that hookah smoking is safer than cigarette smoking, then you are wrong.

Does Hookah Make You High?

If you are occasionally smoking, then smoking hookah is excellent! And, also with the wide variety of flavors at your disposal, you can now enjoy a good session.

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