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 Have you packed your bag yet? If not, then you can add some more things into your bag. Well, yes you have heard it right. Travelling into different destinations and exploring the outdoors must be enthusiastic to yourself if you are an ardent lover of tourism. If you are a travel-friendly person and most of your time is spent at the beaches or mountains then we have a specific idea that will involve you and encourage you to travel more.

If you haven’t packed your bags and still left some important things to pack, then include the greatest element that increases your enjoyment – the travel hookah, you have heard it right. How about packing a hookah and saying ‘Get-Set-Go’ ?

Are you curious?

You have to be. Hookah is like a smoking treasure that has an outstanding effect both outdoors and indoors. This specific element can be taken to anytime and anywhere. There is no boundary to take hookah along with you and you will be on Cloud 9 if you are taking a travel hookah or portable hookah that is only curated for travel purpose.

So, are you counting your days and want to enjoy a great holiday at a beach or maybe at a mountain? It sounds great, but do you imagine how to take your smoking treasure along with you? We will tell ou in this article, so carefully read the article as you have to know that there are many things related to hookah that are banned in flight services, so, whenever you are taking a hookah, the story doesn’t end here, you have to be cautious and careful about taking other related elements too.

Travel Hookah

Here are some tips for hookah lovers, especially to avoid nasty surprises while packing and also to unbox the facts of carrying the hookah.

Don’t ever think to pack the tobacco

Wow! That got depressing. A real depressing thing that I have told you, but you really can’t help with this. Even if you carry a small amount of tobacco that is great for your luggage, the supervisors of airlines will not help you with this and you have to throw it away, that would be painful for sure. The biased and stubborn TSA agents will not even discuss this matter with you regarding this matter so its not worth it.

So, it’s better to pay the extra money and check a bag.  You can be comfortable enough with the other elements of hookah and that is, tong, portable pipe and more. But besides these, try to break the hookah parts and keep it handy. Try to replace the vase with an acrylic vase and that would be the finest idea you can ever have. The idea of taking the acrylic vase might save you from serious breakages. If you have already visited a place and have plans to visit in the next few months, try to keep the travel hookah and its necessary elements to your friends who live there, so that you can continue a hassle free trip next time.

If you are taking the tobacco along with you!

The first important step is to ensure that everything arrives in one piece. You have to be assured that you pack your things correctly, so the best thing to do is to wrap breakable or fragile items such as pitchers and bowls tightly with bubble wrap. If you are packing specifically renowned tobacco flavors such as, zomo, al fakher, adalya, al fakher and many more, you need to be more careful. Because this must be handled carefully and packed well, if you don’t have the bubble wrap around, you can wrap the items tightly using towels. Moreover, you need to remember that these items can be carried in your hand luggage.

Double bag it if possible, travelling in a car also needs the same concern. Make sure your tobacco is properly sealed and if possible wrap it in a larger plastic bag. Though travel hookah is made such a way that it needs no extra precaution. When you reach the destination and open the packing, trust me, it will be worth the packing. If you don’t want your clothes to be stained and dirty because of hookah elements, then concentrate on the packing and do the needful. Containers like ziplock bags are very helpful to keep the molasses or tobacco intact.

The flavors are the most concerning things for packing. Without knowing the proper procedure and pack the flavors with your immature knowledge, it can ruin your entire trip and offer you a nasty hookah session. Do not pack it until you get the proper knowledge. Most of the renowned and trending tobacco flavors such as zomo, trifecta, al fakher, fumari – You can find classic flavors in 50g that are user-friendly and portable. Zomo tobacco is the most fruitful tobacco to carry along with your while traveling. The same applies to aluminum foil. You can carry those items in your carry-on or checked baggage but play safe and double bag them. If you think about the security purpose, the you might have to handle some consequences regarding taking more than 50g pouch, you may encounter some security reasons due to bringing tobacco. Seal the pack of the flavors as you don’t want your holiday clothes covered in stains. Also, depending on the airline, most of them give permission to carry up to 250g, and that is, five boxes of 50g.

Generally, the packs of flavor must be sealed in 50g boxes.

Take lighter, but not in your handbag

Few things are banned in airlines like forever, you just can’t ignore it and you do not have any choice. Without a lighter, we seriously can’t think of lighting up  the hookah, but at the same time if you have to carry this as an emergency element for your travel hookah, make sure that you are packed it in a checked baggage. It must be well wrapped in your check in baggage but for god sake not in hand bag.

Kindly do not take charcoal

Charcoal is a strict no no to carry, especially if you are traveling on a plane. This product is forbidden on a plane in your carry-on or checked the package. So, it’s better to get the charcoal at your destination.

Travel Hookah

How to pick the best hookah tobacco flavors to avoid the encounters and consequences

Smoking hookah is increasingly getting popular day by day. More and more flavors are continuously approaching the market and there are a lot of varieties we can find. With so many brands and manufacturers getting popular, it becomes hard to sort out the best flavors. Also, there are some definite flavors which are famous for travelling purposes. Luckily, we are here for you and summarized the article with some of the inventive flavors that are trending for smoking purposes and for travelling as well.

If you are curious enough about the hookah flavors and want to invent something extraordinary then this article is perfect for you.

Al Fakher Watermelon Mint

It is the specific shisha flavor that is also responsible for making the alfakher house. This premium shisha holds the perfect combination of sweet watermelon and cooling mint, which offers you a fire party with a pleasing flavor and the thick clouds that al fakher is known for! This is a full flavor combined with a juicy blend and fruity taste that delivers a sweet yet fresh taste! It’s also soothing for your taste bud.

Fumari Ambrosia

This one is the next big thing and definitely a unique hookah taste that creates the buzz. Fumari ambrosia can be found in many select stores and hookah platform. Ambrosia from fumari strikes fresh and inventive flavor ingredients.

Experts say that, “The name and taste are both inspired by the ingredients found in the Ambrosia fruit salad.”

You can witness a subtle blend of melon and pineapple that executes the freshness. The aroma is also topped with a fresh, sensitive and sweet marshmallow like finish.

Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave

If you want to keep the quality of travel hookah, you do need some outstanding and affordable hookah tobacco flavor that helps you to get rid of your taste buds and is also perfect for travelling purposes. Pirate’s cave from starbuzz is probably one of the closest tobacco flavors that has the natural way of citrus flavored soda in a hookah. The initial aroma of the flavor executes a refreshing lime purpose followed by a candy like taste. Thus, you can get sweet and sour – all in one at the best!

Starbuzz Egyptian Pharaohs

This sounds so fascinating! Isn’t it? Egyptian Pharaohs – the flavors are carefully crafted to offer a subtle nature, and it is a suitable flavor for a summer party. Egyptian pharaohs are the only blend within the original line to contain a tea leaf flavor profile.  

Travel Hookah

Although, the old pyramid may not have been on your guess list. But you can try this flavor for having some unique summer hookah party. Starbuzz assures you of loving this flavor! Honestly. You will eventually like this blend as it gives you something to decode. Your taste bud will catch the smoke’s subtle cream, which helps to sweeten the flavor and provide a unique texture.

Al Fakher Double Apple

You can’t ignore the fact that al fakher has a speciality and they are inventing everyday to introduce something new and innovative. Al fakher double apple is the result of their long term innovation and it is the most favorite to the hookah smokers worldwide, al fakher double apple mostly known as two apples. It has a definite smell of apples that gives you intense pleasure while you are smoking this. Also, it comes in various packing sizes that encourage you to taste and experience further.

Final Thoughts

A travel lover is always enthusiastic about travel matters, be it travelling on a beach or a mountain. A true and dedicated hookah smoker who loves to travel understands the value of this article and definitely proceeds maintaining the instructions. But don’t forget to opt for a travel hookah to enjoy the smoking experience to the utmost!

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