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VYRO – One Carbon

The VYRO – One is the perfect travel hookah on the go and is made from V2A stainless steel and real carbon fiber. The VYRO – One has been designed, developed and tested since the summer of 2018 by AEON.

Since the body of the VYRO – One is made of real carbon fiber and not glass, the VYRO – One is also perfect for travel and is very stable. Our newly developed blow-out system makes it possible for the first time to blow out the smoke below the water. The VYRO – One has been designed with the entire center of gravity of the hookah down and although the One is small, it stands very stable and does not tip over easily. Hose connection and blow-off valve are both located at the bottom of the One. The fact that the hose is attached to the bottom, it is also prevented that the hose kinks or the hookah is thrown when pulling on the hose. The VYRO – One has an integrated diffuser and a pleasant draw.

VYRO – One:

– Carbon tube

– V2A stainless steel base (bottom)

– V2A stainless steel lid

– V2A stainless steel dip tube with integrated diffuser

– V2A stainless steel smoke tube

– V2A stainless steel blowpipe with blow-off valve

– V2A head adapter






Wanna take Hookah while traveling because you don’t want to miss the fun? Our travel Hookah is made of real carbon fiber and V2A stainless steel. The VYRO is designed as the best travel Hookah with an easy mechanism.

Buy the travel Hookah and enjoy a fun smoking session everywhere you go. Talking about the benefits of travel hookah, you will not only find it easy to carry and smoke but also easy disassembling features ensure seamless cleaning. It does not require being savvy to clean these travel hookahs because of their unique design.


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