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Expecting a tintling hookah session? Don’t get high buy get a good buzz through a standard hookah session

Many smokers are often confused regarding their shisha session. Most hookah lovers or hookah enthusiasts don’t know the proper utilization of the element and the hookah elements. For this reason. Some serious consequences often hamper the desired session and you don’t believe this, your whole hookah session can be ruined only by taking some great wrong steps. So, when you have the responsibility to set up the hookah, you must deep delve into the fruitful steps to get the most out of it. Besides these, you need to know some great facts that help you to get enlightened on the hookah features. Among them, if you feel the buzz and get rid of the feeling high after taking some smoke.

Have you ever wondered? “Does hookah make you high?” If not, then today we will resolve one of the greatest questions that most hookah smokers have.

How has hookah been treated?

If you are the most fantastic hookah lover, you could explore the most significant possibilities within an excellent hookah session. This occasional fun indulgence offers you the most unique and exciting smoke times. But if you are a party animal and a regular smoker, you may have some unique feelings over hookah cause you gonna love that! Won’t you? But have you ever considered the common after-effects of smoking hookahs? The hookah has been considered one of the most traditional methods of smoking; while people in the ancient age were quite habituated with the smoking instrument, they did not feel or understand anything excited about it literally!

does hookah make you high

Does hookah make you high?

Now, if you are wondering, the majority of shisha producers produce shisha tobacco in such a way that you don’t get hurt over your health. Because, nowadays, shisha tobaccos are made of such important elements that make tobacco more user-friendly. So, there are fewer chances of getting high on tobacco. But there is always a but, if some hookah smokers do not carefully utilize the hookah elements and implement the wrong method of hookah session then hookah smoking surely makes you high. Generally, a hookah doesn’t have such qualities that ‘make the element toughest and hardest.

Is this possible?

Surely not, if you have minimum common sense, you can understand the theory, but wait, do you really think that hookah is exactly like marijuana or another type of drug? No, certainly not. Smoking hookah tobacco won’t make you feel high. The tobacco present in the hookah bowl may slightly give you a buzz depending on the smoking amount. You can also feel a little dizzy or relaxed. Smoking hookah doesn’t give you any feeling of being high, but you can also feel lightheaded or wobbly smoking the hookah for a considerable time.

However, the buzz is a great thing you can achieve through a hookah. Smokers can feel a great buzz after an hour of continuous smoking, but it depends on them. Smoking can give the effect ranges from dizziness to a tingling sensation throughout the body. However, these feelings can be slightly or intense; these all depend on the nicotine used in the hookah. Nicotine has a greater effect on the body and soothes your mind. At the end of the day, you will find that nicotine is responsible for inviting various sensations within the body, and critical feelings are produced due to the nicotine. At the same time, these perceptions differ from person to person and depend on the brands they are used to. A perfect hookah depends on the appropriate hookah set up.

What is a buzz really?

A buzz is basically an exciting feeling after intaking something. Everybody has a different meaning and explains it differently. Some have described the feeling of a buzz as slight lightheadedness while some call it dizziness, a feeling of relaxation or tingling sensation throughout the body. Though the feeling can be very slight or the reaction depends on the body chemistry or reaction. This is something called buzz. As far as the buzz causes, the definite reason is the nicotine! This is the main reason for getting high on hookah, nicotine is a natural element that has a chemical that appears in tobacco leaves and is the most common reason why you experience a buzz during the hookah session. It is also the great cause of previously mentioned feelings.

We have researched and made some conclusions, as you have already know the fact that the reason behind getting high is, of course, the shisha tobacco, here are some exceptional tobacco flavors that you can find refreshing and soothing and definitely help you to get your answer ‘NO of the question: “Does hookah make you high?”

Let’s jump into it.

Al Fakher Cappuccino

Deep down, are you a coffee person? The al fakher cappuccino is perfect for getting you an instant flavor of coffee through an appropriate hookah session. This flavor will give you a coffee buzz precisely what you feel in the morning while taking a fresh sip.

Al Fakher Watermelon Mint

It is the specific shisha flavor that is also responsible for making the alfakher house. This premium shisha holds the perfect combination of sweet watermelon and cooling mint, which offers you a fire party with a pleasing flavor and the thick clouds that al fakher is known for!


Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai

You have to pause yourself to taste the starbuzz’s bold spice chai flavor. If you are organizing a hookah session at your home and if you want to feel the buzz of having tea. You have the option to explore the tea flavor within the taste of tobacco. This specific flavor will offer you some special treats that you could enjoy throughout the session.

Starbuzz Exotic Passionfruit

This is not only an amazing solo session flavor but one of the most potent and popular tastes. If you are a hardcore party man, then you must indulge yourself in this flavor. Exotic passionfruit is something that will never let you down!

ZOMO World Experience flavor

  • Bahamas Twist – a mixture of ripe blueberry with colling mint
  • Acai Cream – Exotic sweet acai berry that is blended with creamy vanilla
  • Dragon Wall – Mixture of Asian Pear with a lovely touch of mint and peach
  • Bombay – Exotic blend of pan mixed with spice and floral notes
  • Kiwi Lemon – This flavor is a unique combination of sweet tropical fruit with the tartness of lemon.
  • Havana Style – Zomo’s most traditional flavor that has been blended with a new level of mix
  • Mystery of Bali – If you have a desire of tasting a passion fruit with banana flavoring, then you must go for this
  • Miami Nights – Offers a jiggling combination of mango and orange that delivers a surprising flavor.
  • Secret of Babylon – A secret combination of tropical fruit and honeydew
  • Watermelon Mint – This one is a robust watermelon flavor that indulges deeply into the melon notes and offers you a classic flavor
  • Swiss Alps – The flavor endeavors the frigid spearmint of fresh air of the alps that goes straight to your bowl

Last but not the least is Fumari

Fumari tobacco is known for its unique and authentic shisha flavors. This prime tobacco separates itself from other brands for its most sumptuous flavors that no other brand could deliver so perfectly!

Here is a list of prime fumari tobacco flavors that are ruling the hookah industry:

  • Red Gummy Bear
  • Mandarin Zest
  • Spiced Chai
  • Mint
  • Lemon Mint
  • Island Papaya
  • Mint Chocolate Chill
  • Ambrosia
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • White Gummy Bear

But what do different brands have to do with it?

Great question but do you know that there are some elements that are naturally present in tobacco? Different brands use different tobacco leaves that can cause a certain amount of shisha. Such brands like starbuzz, fumari, al fakher, social smoke – utilize very light blonde color and the experience continues with the comparison to the stronger and more robust shisha brands.

On the other hand, there are many brands that use ‘dark’ leaf tobacco. These brands are generally Tangiers tobacco, trifecta dark tobacco, and azure black shisha tobacco. These are obvious choices for dark shisha tobacco and come with a much darker color to the shisha that contains high nicotine level and the color is also dark for the same reason. The blonde leaf tobacco is much stronger and there is a high chance to get some tipsiness after intaking these kinds of shisha tobaccos. Though these are of course not harmful for your health. If you want more intense buzz you can go for these options.

Smoking the renowned brands will always be favorable for a smoker, be it a regular smoker or an occasional one. Therefore, the rule is that the more nicotine in hookah, the more likely you will feel high eventually, but you will be in the safe zone as it never lets you down with its terrible effects.

People used to believe more nicotine can create more buzz

Therefore, when choosing a brand, you need to make sure that you fathom your nicotine tolerance and then select a brand. It’s you who smoke and have fun. Depending on your choice, you can choose a brand that can meet your needs.

does hookah make you high

Wrapping Up

Your foremost look out of a hookah session is not only to answer those light questions like ‘does hookah make you high?’ but to assure that you are gaining a foremost and satisfied hookah session that will refresh you at the end of the day! You can always enjoy a good and healthy buzz through an appropriate execution of a hookah session but you can’t expect heavy dizziness after having some great puffs! If you really expect this, try something different.

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