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Using a hookah in an innovative way-Make your session more lively

Getting into a hookah must be exciting and exciting, and you have to accept the fact. When considering this process as your new past time, you need to collect some inventive methods to have a fruitful outcome. There’s a learning curve in knowing how to use a hookah. Before you dive into a specific process, you should always be concerned about core ideas. It is also applicable to smoking hookah; an aesthetic and proper hookah session always depends on its core ingredients that make a hookah long-lasting and memorable.

coal burner

Thus, the hookah ingredients consist of many crucial elements, and the coal burner is considered one of the major elements, and without this, you have to afford a flop hookah show! Each and every element is essential to dive into the world of hookah smoking. Therefore, understanding how to use a hookah and familiarize yourself with hookah facts would be helpful to witness a great outcome!

Getting an insight into the hookah anatomy

So, today we will discuss hookah parts and the proper setup of hookah quite differently. I hope this article will not be a monotonous one as we set it differently and in an exciting way.

Bowl Stem: The part of the stem that attaches to the bowl immediately.

Bowl: Helps to hold the tobacco.

Coal Tray: A flattened resting place for keeping the coals also catches fallen ash.

Stem: It connects the bowl, base, and hose.

Hose: The long and flexible body of the hose.

Hose Connector: This is also a crucial part of the hose that connects to the hose port.

Release Purge or Valve: The part of the stem that helps to attach to the bowl.

Stem Heart: This bulky looked section of the stem assists the stem to connect to the base. This part includes the hose part and release valve.

Downstem: This part of the stem is submerged in water and helps to execute a proper session.

Diffuser: Breaks up the bubble to get a quieter smoking session.

Hose Handle: The mouthpiece of the hose

Base: The main ingredient that holds the water

coal burner

In addition, there are some other crucial accessories that establish a significant set up to enjoy a perfect smoke, and that includes a charcoal clamp, camping gas, charcoal container, coal burner, disposable plastic nozzles, extra tobacco pipes.

A small insight on coal burners – the most efficient ingredient to offer you a great smoke!

‘They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but most hookah enthusiasts prefer their carbon in a more useful form – Hookah Charcoal.”

The best part of the hookah is made of different ingredients that make the thing more approachable to hookah lovers. Now, Without the proper coals and coal burner, you can’t even imagine the preparation of a good hookah.

coal burner

Hookah no doubt gives you the ultimate pleasure of smoking differently and individually. Thus, hookah is relatively more famous than other smoking instruments. Anyone who is genuinely passionate about hookah at least once knows that hookah is a combination of many ingredients that make the hookah complete. Therefore, if you enjoy your hookah session to the fullest, you must have an excellent coal burner, good coals, and the principal needs to complete the composition.

Now, are you ready to bring on the heat?

I hope your answer will be, of course, ‘yes.’ Now that you have generated a basic idea on your hookah parts, let’s take a look at the tools that are needed to fall in a proper place to heat your bowl. Two standard methods exist to bring the heat. You have to know which is the better. Well. It’s just a matter of preference.

Step#1 Foil Covered Bowl

In this section, all you need to collect.

Charcoal: The central part to heat up a passionate hookah session, and it rests directly on top of the foil.

Tobacco: It is placed inside the bowl.

Foil Cover: This is the wrapping element wrapped around the bowl and poked with plenty of small holes on top for airflow. Some foil products for hookah also come pre-hacked that makes the hookah maker comfortable.

Step#2 Using the Heat Management Device (HMD)

Charcoal: It is allocated inside the heat management device.

Tobacco: You can keep it inside the bowl.

HMD: It replaces the need for foil. You can find it on top of the bowl.

Some other useful methods and accessories assist in preparing the hookah at its best.

Coal Burner: Electric Burners that use to light the coals

Hookah Tongs: This is an inventive element to move lit coals safely. It could be on your must-have list!

Foil Poker: A specialty tool that assists in poking precise holes in the foil.

Communicating with coals – the absolute element to shape up the session and important inappropriate hookah set up.

Well, with so many types, sizes, and shapes of coal from which to choose, you might feel this task a little complicated and daunting as well. But if you research pretty efficiently, you can get pieces of information on this. You need to decide whether the coal is suitable or not.

coal burner

So, eventually, this list will help you out to get inside of the renowned coals. Before reaching the names, try to deeply indulge in the hookah charcoals categories that are even suitable for hookah coal burners.

Basic categories of hookah charcoals

How many of you have the proper knowledge of hookah charcoals? Even an appropriate enthusiast of hookah sometimes gets confused on the same categories. The two major types have been primarily considered the fundamental factors for a good hookah session. That is:

Natural Charcoal: this product is basically made from the left-over coconut shells at coconut farms. The shells of coconut are already renowned for its variety of usage, so as it contributes to the making of natural hookah charcoals. The surfaces are processed into charcoal and compress into briquettes. The coals are available in customizable and engaging sizes like flat squares, cubes, large cubes, and recently circular shapes and wedges to accommodate the coal burner and hookah bowls.

Quick Light Charcoal: Quick-light hookah charcoals can be ignited with a disposable plastic lighter or even a book of matches. This has been considered the fastest lighting or instant lighting charcoal.

coal burner

These are the two primary categories that help to have a lengthy hookah chapter and that you can enjoy to the fullest. These are the finest coals that implement a significant impact on your hookah composition!

The ultimate time to ready, set, and suction.

So, in this article, we will be detailing an entire process and properly functioning hookah that has the importance of having air-tight suction. If you found any air leaks in your connecting hookah parts, your tobacco might face a devastating journey; any leakage should not be allowed in hookah parts. Also, there will not be any pressurized air will be allowed to draw smoke. In simple words, without proper suction, your hookah will not be able to function! And yes, it is true.

Let’s take a closer look at the preparation and ingredients to set for good suction.

Bowl Grommet: This part is essential to seal the connection between the bowl and the bowl stem.

Ball Bearing: If you find your hookah ball bearing is missing from inside the thing, which is a release valve, it will automatically weaken the suction. Be sure that the hookah will not work.

Hose Grommet: Now, seal the connection between the hose connector and hose port as much as possible.

Base Grommet: You need to concentrate on sealing the connection between the stem and base, and this process will lead you to a successful hookah session.

Water Level:  You need to check and cautious about the water level as this is one of the most crucial parts of preparing a hookah. If you find that the water level is too below or too high above the downstem, then you need to think about the entire process. Because an appropriate hookah session doesn’t allow extreme situations, so the water level should be moderate; otherwise, you have to face or experience problems with suction. Now, ideally, the downstem is quite submersed ½ inch to 1 inch below the waterline.

Some pro-tip

Your hookah always deserves better, so keep concentrated on making the most exemplary session. If you opt for a wet paper towel, remember, it is not the ultimate solution to wrap it within the connecting parts to get air-tight connectivity throughout the session as a grommet. But it is always advisable to keep the spare grommets handy in case there is an emergency or your grommets need a replacement!

Now, if you are a beginner, you might get curious about each and every step of a hookah journey. As you have already gained knowledge on several necessary steps, you should know how a hookah works?

These six steps will give you a decent and compact idea of how the hookah works?

  1. The first step will be to inhale the thing through the hose
  2. Next, the suction pulls the air through the coals
  3. Then, the tobacco is heated automatically to produce the exact smoke
  4. The fourth step is smoke travels down the stem
  5. Then the smoke enlightens the whole process and passes through water to cool down.
  6. Smoke fills the base.
  7. And last but not least, smoke is drawn out through the hose.

Taking care of Hookah

You must know the fundamentals of an excellent hookah experience is a well-prepared setup of hookah and a clean hookah, of course. Cleaning and taking care of hookah is easy as counting to three. Proper care helps the hookah live longer, offers a fresh taste, and gives you an excellent hookah experience.

Bottom Line

Congratulations! You have now reached the expert level of hookah preparation. Are you feeling confident enough to start a new journey? But before that, don’t forget to collect the proper ingredients to have a great session along with a coal burner. Have a refreshing session with your friends ahead!

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