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Try to resolve hookah problems with great hookahset up

What do we mean by hookah? A specialized smoking purpose that makes the smoking purpose grand and great. don’t you agree with that? Hookah is an ingenious and extraordinary smoking method that has great ability to produce an extended hookah smoking that comes with unimaginable hookah puffs. But many hookah smokers make these mistakes, being the expert you must know the proper hookah set up to endeavor the journey. Many hookah professionals even complain that they witness various problems related to the hookah, you need to think about the source, the major source of such consequences. Most of the hookah problems are related to the wrong steps taken at the time of hookahset up and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Why is a good hookahset up needed?

If you think that a hookah set up is less important and it doesn’t have any fruitful solution, then you are making a great mistake. A hookahset is the most vital thing that you could ever learn. The primary segment that you have to opt for. A proper hookahset is solely responsible for starting a great hookah journey.

You must think that placing a hookah and preparing it appropriately for a session might be daunting. Although you have an earnest desire to chill and relax with your friends with a few clouds of smoke of hookah. Wait! Are you going to be upset thinking about the complications? You should not. Though hookah setup is quite challenging, if you want to have a great and remarkable smoke, it is not impossible. Proper guidance and the exact procedure can show the way out!

All those hookah pipes, tubes, and hot coals – are the greatest and most incredible ingredients of hookah sets. These might sound complicated or intimidating, but trust me, once you know the anatomy of hookah, you will also be able to engrave your name in the experts’ book! There are several opinions, comments, and techniques available if you research hookah, but you need to have compact information on the hookah thing that will help you make your vision clear about the concept. You may follow those techniques to smoke the hookah, but it will eventually make it trickier and more unclear. You should first need to get a good concept on features, ingredients, working and take care methods to enjoy a lively session!

A hookah is based on many vital ingredients, and these elements are must to produce great smoke and an extended session. A genuine hookah set up makes your day and increases your smoking activity.


What are the primary features of hookahset up?

You will be surprised to know that hookah has been in the market for centuries and people are fond of this smoking instrument worldwide. The wide popularity of the instrument helps it to stand out in the crowd and make a difference from a cigarette. This is the prime difference between a hookah and a cigarette. Hookah is widely popular for smoking purposes. Hookah comes with a beautiful design and is operated by water filtration and indirect heat. Therefore, hookah needs tobacco or molasses to be placed in the bowl at the top of the apparatus and it is connected to the water-filled base by a pipe. There are some stunning hookah systems available in the market based on the quality.

The hookah has a unique customizing ability that offers a fun smoking time.

Hookah has got some nicknames that made the thing more attractive to genuine hookah lovers. Some familiar names of hookah are shisha, narghi, bute, argileh and goza.

A detailed guide on Hookahset up

  • Your first and foremost work will be placing the hookah stem into the glass vase, checking if the fitting is alright.
  • Then place the metal tray over the top of the hookah stem. It depends on the hookah model you choose, and the tray may either fit loosely or snap into the place. Sometimes, smaller hookah models come with affixed trays.
  • Insert the hose end with hose gasket into hose port on hookah stem
  • Check if your hookah model comes with an air release valve, the primary work will be to unscrew it to make sure there is a ball bearing system available inside. You have to screw the valve back on. You need to know another important thing: the air release valve is usually positioned opposite the hose port on the hookah stem.
  • You have to check the airflow on your hookah by putting your hand over the top of the hookah stem and creating the pressure on sucking in with the hose. Make sure that there should be little to no air intake.
  • After these, remove your hookah stem from the vase, and you need to fill the vase with water. Many hookah lovers prefer to fill it with cold water, so when you are inhaling the tobacco, you should enjoy a cold and breezy atmosphere within the hookah. After pouring the water, you have to put the hookah stem back on the vase. Remember, the stem should be submerged about an inch into the water.
  • You need to concentrate on breaking the shisha tobacco as you have to lay it into the clay bowl gently. You need to have enough air to pass through and the shisha tobacco should be filled to the rim of the bowl.
  • If you are a foil person, then make sure the foil got the poke holes for air-appropriate air pass, and the foil should be placed on the top of the bowl.
  • Now, you need to place the clay bowl on top of the hookah stem. Be definite about the clay bowl; it should fit snugly.
  • Now lighten your coals gently; you can light it up with a lighter or match, do whatever makes you comfortable, and make sure you are ready for it. You need to wait until the coal entirely becomes red hot all over before placing them on top of your clay bowl. Before proceeding to the final step, you need to break the coal into smaller pieces and distribute them all over the bowl. You have to be careful about the coals as you don’t need to place too many coals, your smoke might become harsh
  • Finally, you are all set to inhale your hose, and it might take a minute before the smoking is ready for proper use!

Now that you have gained the knowledge on the proper technique of hookah set up, you must know there are some outstanding shisha tobaccos present in the market that are up to the mark and absolutely ravishing for a great hookah set up. Zomo, al fakher, adalya, trifecta; are the most prominent hookah shisha flavors that you can blindly rely on. Today, we will talk about another most brilliant product called Starbuzz. This is something that you can’t forget. If you want the best and appropriate then nothing can beat the starbuzz to get you such flavors.

Starbuzz Exotic Tobacco

This tobacco line has been recognized as the standard line of shisha and renowned as a bestseller. This exotic tobacco can be found in various flavors such as:

  • Blue Mist
  • Safari Melon Dew
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Pirates Cave

These particular flavors are mild and easy to intake. It is suitable for everyone from a beginner to a veteran smoker. These specific flavors are light, sweet, and easy to smoke, making that great for beginners. It is equally delicious and a favorite for old pros as well!


Starbuzz Steam Stones

Hey! Are you eager to change your taste buds being an extreme hookah lover! Now you can find a great way of doing that. Starbuzz flavor has got an impressive and individual flavor collection that will surely give you a new experience. The star buzz steam stone is such a flavor that offers a great alternative for hookah smokers without the nicotine. If someone is looking to eliminate tobacco from their hookah habit, they can join the steam stones group for sure!

Steam stones are not only nicotine-free it is also tobacco tax-free. This is probably the biggest advantage for the hookah lounge and for genuine hookah customers who mildly enjoy hookah.

Mix tones are also used to prepare actual shisha tobacco. The stones are injected and pressurized with the flavor and glycerine serum that vaporizes under coals’ heat. If you want to change your routine, you can load them like tobacco.

Starbuzz Serpent Tobacco

Well! This one is quite famous as the second line of star buzz dark leaf hookah tobacco. It is mainly for those hookah smokers who want to look for a more robust, slightly less hookah experience but a grand one! Alright, here is serpent tobacco that has been made to keep up the growing market for typical hookah smokers. These exotic blends have the same flavor mixing prowess that one can find in any StarBuzz shisha collection.

The dark tobacco of leaves makes these blends more earthy and subtle toned as it carries heavier nicotine content. Thus, the flavor becomes smoother and more original.

Sizes are available in 100g pouches and 200g pouches.

Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco

This specific shisha is made with dark leaf tobacco that enriches the flavor and produces rich tobacco. This tobacco’s nicotine level is much higher, so hookah newbies must consider some things before applying it to their hookah party. Though, starbuzz vintage is suitable for all. The more you smoke! The more you want!

How can your smoke be created?

When smoking a hookah, you must make sure that the smoke can be generated from three very important pieces at the top of the hookah.

  • The bowl
  • The shisha tobacco
  • The hookah charcoal

The combination of these three items make the cloud even more thicker and session extended. Everyone has a personal preference on the specific type of bowl and shisha tobacco, however, the general idea should be to save your heat and appropriate to experience a steady session and smoke both. You need to concentrate on the charcoal as well beside the shisha tobacco and liquid at the base. Remember, a good packing method of your tobacco will definitely give you a chance to experience an airflow and will create excellent hookah clouds no matter what type of hookah you are working with.

There are three basic packs that are responsible for witnessing great puffs.

  • The Fluff Pack
  • The Dense Pack
  • The Over Pack
hookah set up

Cleaning the hookahset up

The first time will always be remembered, and this is most important for beginners. Cleaning to have a great hookahset might be daunting, but it will eventually increase your experience and consider it the foremost step.

If you want to have a smooth smoking experience, proper care should be taken.

Ending Note

Knowing the proper hookah set up is something like upbringing a child. When you are devoted to the hookah things and engage yourself in a great set up, a fruitful hookah session will definitely satisfy you.

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