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Troubleshooting the issues of hookah

Are you in the mood to enjoy some drastic and dramatic hookah sessions? Or are you obsessed with having something extraordinary?  Smoking hookah is the most amazing and most enjoyable thing you could ever realize! Isn’t it?  However, before starting the session, you have to be more careful and cautious about making a hookah properly, and you don’t need it in an untidy way! Right? Moreover, hookah flavors are also the important aspect that you should focus on

Is hookah smoking a tough procedure?

You must admit that the process is quite daunting, and the task is intimidating. Hence, you should look forward to having a neat and clean session without any hassle! But before that, you have to remember and need to know the components of the hookah are sensible and sophisticated. Hookah pipes, tubes, hot coals, bowl, nozzles, everything you need to have a perfect session could be a disaster in the future if you are not dedicated enough to taking care of them! It could ruin your program. If you are caring enough to keep your ingredients perfect, you could also be fortunate to appreciate your dearest friend! Remember, a proper hookah flavors needs utmost care.

Different queries of the problem that make find the solution

A hookah is not at all an easy process, it takes dedication and passion enough. Hookah is a mind blowing product that needs an eye on detail.  All you can achieve through proper maintenance of the hookah is also knowing the techniques of a proper hookah set up. Many experts do not know how to set up a hookah properly. You might find setting up a hookah an easy thing. Indeed, it needs lots of attention and absolute expertise to offer a great smoking session. Therefore, you should be sure that every single part fits thus and adequately. Every single feature needs appropriate maintenance for a long-lasting party!

Hookah Flavors

‘I’m not getting enough smoke out of my hookah, how can I get more?’ or ‘I’m witnessing some hookah frustrations, what should I do?’ – These are the most common and general questions that the hookah smokers and the beginners have asked. Smoking hookah may be full of a lot of excitement, but it does have several other causes.

There are pivotal issues related to the hookah. Several factors could cause your hookah not to produce the clouds you are looking for, but the most likely reason is that your hookah may not be right. Humans make mistakes, so the error can be made by you, especially if you are handling the hookah as a beginner. Several facts and causes are highlighted most of the time by the beginners’ experts and who have not become a pro in handling hookah.

You can face several consequences related to hookah, from setting up a proper to delivering a perfect hookah smoke – but you can be able to handle each little thing if you are carefully nurturing the procedure and a mind to practice.

We often witness that our hookah is not functioning sometimes like we would expect to. So, in that case, you have to be more proactive and careful on adjusting the hookah set up. Moreover, hookah flavors are important to be concentrated. Every single step related to the hookah is essential, if you follow the specific rules, you will definitely be able to achieve a meaningful session.

Hookah Flavors

These are the six easy fixes that you should enlighten for smoking a perfect hookah

Check your pipe, the first and foremost priority

When we tend to do several things, we get confidence, preparing a hookah is almost the same method, but you need to check out if you are getting consequences, for that do concentrate on small problems that start from the hookah pipe. Hookah pipes often need fixing, most of the time hookah pipes start to tear from numerous places. Without properly checking even professionals can’t say that your pipe has been damaged, due to the colors and materials the damaged part often gets disguised.

Check if your pipe needs fixing

If you are not sure about the faults of the pipe, you can lightly blow in the pipe and listen to the pipe, if you are listening to any hissing noises coming from the pipe where the pipe fits into the hookah, you have to be sure that your pipe immediately needs to be concentrated. That means it is not fitted properly. Buying grommets for the pipe would be a healthier option.

Another option is that you can take your pipe to the kitchen or toilet sink to check if the  water comes out anywhere else. If you see any kind of leakage, you need to change the pipe.

Check the water level

This is one of the most prime segments of hookah session, and we often face consequences with this matter. Just like you don’t need to drink too little or too much, your hookah needs to maintain and balance the water or any liquid level. If you do not put in sufficient levels of water or put in so much water the taste of hookah gets ruined and you will struggle to inhale the hookah smoothly. These are prime concerns you need to keep in mind before proceedings. Also, low water levels produce uncertain conditions such as necessary air flow in the base.

Dealing with bowls and flavors

There are plenty of standard bowls in the market that use 2-3 natural coconut coals positioned around the edges of the hookah bowl or single quick lighting coal centered on the bowl. Coconut coals are renowned for fixing things, and if you are more concerned about tobacco flavors, you must know that you can do anything with some renowned tobacco brands. This is the particular tobacco flavor that eventually increases your taste of smoking hookah.

Making sure about the air taking process

Finally, make sure that the air intake holes in your hookah bowl are not clogged, and do check that your tobacco flavor is not packed too tightly. It depends on the bowl you have chosen for the session, and it is possible that the shisha tobacco may clog the holes of the hookah bowl, preventing airflow. You need to be aware of all the circumstances and possibilities to have a great and perfect hookah session.

Worried about your coals that go out halfway through a bowl?

Coals are also considered the prime elements of smoking hookah, so without having proper coals you can’t ever imagine an appropriate hookah session. So, you need to focus on the coals. But wait, it does not end here, do not think that knowing the buying technique of good coals is enough for you! No, that’s not true, you are about to complete a procedure and for that you need to be knowledgeable on the burning process of coals. And this has been considered one of the most crucial process of hookah set up. Remember, if your coal gets burnt, you will get nothing but a frustrated session.

Hookah Flavors

Think and remember, how many times have your coals gone out halfway through an active session? Have you considered the fact? If you are confident enough of using fantastic, high-quality natural coals, it probably doesn’t happen that often. But if you are sticking with using old, cheap, or bootleg coals, this might be a significant issue.

Solution: Your first and foremost concern regarding coal should be getting assured about the heat timing. Flip the coals while pacing it on the burner coils. It should not be retained on the flatter side but focus on each side. Before the entire process, do buy the best possible hookah charcoal that doesn’t deliver a problem. The other reason your coals go out halfway is that they are not made of solid materials and are not created equal, and are made of inferior material.

You can get distracted at the time of preparing a hookah, thus you are advised to concentrate on the time you are dealing with the coals. For a proper hookah session you need to let at least coals adjust on the head for a few minutes to get the tobacco heated. Then you can start pulling in and exhale the flavor. Once you are satisfied that the hookah is producing enough smoke, you are ready with session.

Other than these, we generally forget to concentrate on related topics. Such as:

Are your hookah bowls getting harsh, and so as your shisha tastes burnt?

Well, this is the most hookah-related frustration that we need to discuss. It all has to do with heat management. Proper heat management is the most tricker part of preparing a hookah. It takes lots of patience. Thus, it engages the greatest smoking possibilities. You need to concentrate on coal rotation, coal placement, the number of foil holes, and their location – these are the most common features to have a hassle-free session.

Solution: Your heat management techniques must be spotted. You probably do not have to worry about dealing with some renowned tobacco brands, but we can’t assure you about the other tobacco flavors. An excellent heat management system or a proper coal rotating system. So, that’s the two biggest culprits eliminated in one stroke.

Oh No! Is your box of shisha all dried out before you have smoked it all!

This can probably be the biggest nightmare for you! Most hookah smokers have experienced this frustration before. After a long gap, if you desire to smoke hookah but hold a lot of confidence over preparing a great smoke and have enough tobacco collection. Then, you suddenly realize that your shisha has dried out since that first juicy bowl you have smoked.

Hookah Flavors

Solution:  for this exact reason, you do need a perfect shisha storage container. It helps to preserve your shisha perfectly, and you can try it as long as you want, even after a long gap! Make sure your shisha container must be air-tight otherwise, you will again have to face the consequence. The best tobacco flavors are appropriate to save you from this disaster.

Shut the holes

Make sure that there is no other airflow should exist or not a single leakage can be seen in your hookah bowl or head.

Proper air flow will never let your tobacco burn.

Wrapping Up

If you are in the mood of some exceptional and extraordinary hookah session, you can execute. But besides following the rules, you have to be aware of simple yet small things. That starts from taking care of tobacco flavors for the maintenance of hookah and understanding the proper methods.

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