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Traditional Hookahs – The Pioneers That Started This Enchanting Journey

Hello smokers! Welcome back to SmokeFun Blog again!

In today’s blog, I have thought to include something really exciting, something that bridges the gap between the new and the old words! Unlike any other mysterious sects, Hookahs is definitely not a mystery, as we all know that Hookah has been in the market for a long-long time now.

Even history has seen the use of Hookahs. However, today we will try to find out the different types of hookahs available in the new and old world. This guide will be offering you the details including the pros and cons as well.

Don’t mind or curse me telling now that there is not be any hardcore winner between both of these. However, it will be an educational and informational blog that can become helpful for you to choose one. Moreover, in the Covid times when our homes are serving better than the lounge and we being our serving boy, this can become a helpful piece of information.


When you tell someone and you say that I started with this piece, it makes a great sense. Much like that of a story, traditional pieces fit in such a position.

Starting from the traditional which goes back to the Ottoman Empire or maybe beyond, traditional hookahs are the one that have taken a lot of forms but somehow always remained the same when it stumbled to the key aspects. The best things are something that makes hookah, a hookah remained the same since the past times.

al fakher

Some of the key fundamentals include the central shaft from where the smoke usually travels from the bowl, the receptacle which is capable of cooling the smoke using water, and the port where you draw from.

You must bear in mind these basics of the hookah mechanism as these are primarily responsible for seeing what you are observing today.

With more and more use of hookah, it started evolving and with that came some of the most intricate materials and designs that started finding their usage. This resulted in structuring the hookah of the modern world that is capable of surpassing the needs of the smokers. Even when we are classifying the traditional hookahs, the hookah that are available now are barely modernized of what it once was.

Similar to the classification, it reveals that these Hookahs were created and the design was passed down from tradition. The metal workings are some of the evidence that shows that these were handmade. No denial that the process is extremely tedious but it clearly represents the way they used to live in the Middle East.

The best part of the traditional pieces is that no matter which tobacco you are using, whether it is Al fakher, or something else, they can offer great smoke.

Well, in this blog, I will be including the prime kinds of traditional hookahs and take time to define them as if you aren’t someone to appreciate the work, then you will not be able to find the difference. But since I know that the inner workings are a lot different so in this blog, I have included the three major types Turkish, Syrian and Egyptian hookahs.


When it comes to the traditional hookahs, Egyptian variables are probably the ones that without any doubts are readily available in the market. Mostly these are pipes that can start the journey to improving the hookah skill sets and shows the craftsmanship. These are known for the flashy aesthetics and open draw system. These hookahs can immediately bring the ancient world straight at your home.

al fakher

Most commonly, these hookahs either have been included with worked brass that has been welded well and also in some other cases, these are cast around the central shaft. This usually is made of stainless steel.

Based on the brand, copper is being used or may be a complete stainless steel as these make it a bit cheaper in terms of price. Some of the most common features that define the Egyptian hookahs include purge port, engravings, open draw and closed chamber. Some of the most common brands include Shika, Maamoon and Farida where you can clearly find these classifications.

Besides these fundamentals, the Egyptian Hookahs can be the quintessential point to start where the draw can be measured. Because of the unmatched popularity of the pipes, most of the recent companies are emulating and going beyond to make sure that the products are meeting the needs.


This is another name in the traditional hookah brands – the Syrian hookahs. These hookahs have a special place. Most often, these hookahs are considered the pinnacle of the worldwide collection. There is no problem in saying that these are the mythical pipes that are some of the most sought-after pieces. But do you know why?

To put it in a simple world, it all ends in the draw. There isn’t any secret about the things that can be seen in the news about Syria, among the many other cultures that are getting lost, the Syrian hookahs are the other one in the list. These are some of the rare pieces available that many companies have been trying to create a replica of the Syrian Hookahs.

al fakher

Coming to the construction, the Syrian pipes are the ones constructed from brass, copper, and nickel with some of the models that have gone completely stainless. One can easily find the handmade engravings as they serve as the benchmark where the traditional hookahs are being judged.

Somewhere similar to the Egyptian hookahs, these hookahs feature purge port, closed chamber, and a restricted draw. If you ever come across and get the chance to smoke Syrian hookah, never leave this amazing chance. Use Al fakher tobacco flavor – our suggestion.


The last one in our list is the traditional hookahs. While these are the pipes that might not have the niche like that of the Syrian hookah not even have such popularity as that of the Egyptian ones, they definitely need to be given the limelight.

The best thing about the Turkish hookahs is that their fanbase is much larger than that of the others. You will not be able to find many of these here and those companies who have tried to replicate the making, never could bring the unique aspect. Only when you see them in person, you will be able to check the amazing engravings and intricate work made in these hookahs.

Its construction is much like the barebones that most feature the copper stems that are decorated with the brass and a closed chamber. The features that differentiate them from the several other traditional pipes includes the purge port lack, restricted draw and the bowl that seems female. If you are blindfolded and smoking, the draw alone would let you know about the hookah that you are using.

al fakher

When compared to that of the Egyptian pipe, the differences are hell and heaven. Even when many people have to say many things, as fans have to say that this hookah is exclusively for some tobacco brands, but according to me, a well-packed bowl with Al fakher or any other brands and proper setup can do an amazing job as it will do with the patent ones.

Keeping everything aside, Turkish hookah can offer unmatched and priceless experience.


Now that you have witnessed the different types of pipes, let us have a look at some of the positives.

Price: With the complete package that includes everything that is required to start with, you can definitely think of adding one in the collection. Most of the sets are available from $65 to $200 and can definitely offer the money back that you are paying.

Design: The traditional pipes are said to be the barebones that are deteriorating and have lost their appearance. All the traditional pieces have very simple constructions and which is why some of the most authentic lounges have these pieces throughout the world. They are the master of hookah smoking.

Craftsmanship: When you are dealing with the pipes, you will always find something unique because of the engravings. Since these are handmade, you will always find every piece to be exclusively fascinating. 


Everything comes with some goods and some bads. Similarly, these traditional hookahs have bads and good. Now that you have checked the pros, let’s check the cons.

Consistency: Well, I don’t know whether it is a pros or cons but if you are looking for a bunch of hookahs that looks exactly copied then traditional hookahs aren’t a great choice. These are handmade pieces which bring some unique variance in every piece.

Not great customer services: Well, this is seriously one point that is bad but to be very true, since these are the traditional pieces, where would you find the people who made them? When you are buying the traditional piece, you have to buy at your own risk.

Bottom Line:

Traditional pieces are the antique pieces that you would seriously want to have a look at or keep a collection. Every piece of the traditional hookahs has its own specialty. Whether it is al fakher or the Starbuzz, traditional hookahs can offer great smoking sessions.

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