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Top Selling Star Buzz Flavors Of 2021

You have heard of this name, correct? Star Buzz.

If you are a persistent hookah smoker, you must have come across this name even once, hopefully. If not, you should know that Star Buzz is the number one brand of shisha tobaccos in the hookah industry.

Many people refer to Star Buzz as a beginner’s brand. However, that is not true! The truth is, this brand creates some of the unique and amazing flavors in the market.

Today, we will discuss the top-selling Star Buzz flavors of all time. These flavors are the most reviewed and rated by shisha smokers worldwide.

Which Are The Best Star Buzz Flavors Of 2021?

Star Buzz Blue Lemon

This is one of the best flavors from this brand to smoke during any season. So if you like to enjoy a sweet buzzy blue feeling, you need not think twice before purchasing this Star Buzz flavor.

Star Buzz

This flavor is enriched with tobacco. This flavor is a perfect combination of various flavors from Star Buzz. These include blue mist, a touch of white grape, safari melon dew, and very mild mint.

It has an aroma of honey melon infused with an equal amount of Blue Mist from Star Buzz.

Amount Of Buzz

This flavor is perfect for shisha smokers who are looking for a light buzz with a sweet flavor. However, after taking the first few puffs, many smokers have said that they feel a mild buzz. Therefore, if you are looking for a solid buzz, this is not the flavor you should go for.

Thickness Of Clouds

The smoke produced while smoking this flavor is intense and thick. Therefore, this is a good flavor for smokers who like to make smoke rings. The availability of this flavor comes in three variants, namely, 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g.

Star Buzz Blue Mist

This is another sophisticated flavor from Star Buzz that has won the hearts of many due to its taste.

If you look through the brand’s website, you will know that it is one of the best-selling flavors from this brand. All thanks to its sweet blueberry taste and smell, with a mild hint of mint.

The smell of this flavor is as sweet as its taste. Honestly, we personally found this flavor unique from any of the other flavors from Star Buzz. Once you take the first drag, you will feel its taste while exhaling the smoke. Its mild taste is amazingly refreshing!

Amount Of Buzz

The buzz of this flavor is not very heavy. Therefore, this flavor is perfect for mild smokers who are looking for a mild buzz.

Thickness Of Clouds

This flavor variation from Star Buzz comes with a mild touch of mint and thus produces very thick clouds. This shisha tobacco is ideal for smokers who like to vape and people who want to make smoke clouds.

One of the best things about this flavor is it burns slowly and hence lasts longer. The availability of this flavor comes in three variants, namely, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g.

Star Buzz Lebanese Bomb Shell

If you are looking for a flavor to transform your smoking session and make you feel like you are flying in the air, this is it!

For those smokers who are fans of flower-based shisha tobacco, this Star Buzz shisha tobacco is worth a try. However, there are not many ingredients as you would expect in the Lebanese Bomb Shell.

You will feel a cider flavor and a mild citrus aftertaste right after you take the first puff! However, keep in mind that smoking this shisha tobacco might induce a cough if you are not a casual smoker. Hence, this Star Buzz flavor isn’t something for beginner shisha smokers.

Amount Of Buzz

The taste of this shisha tobacco isn’t as sweet as the ones mentioned above. Instead, the buzz is pretty high, which causes coughs in casual smokers. Thus, this flavor isn’t ideal for smokers who are looking for something light.

Amount Of Smoke

The smoke output of this shisha tobacco is pretty high. It is also very thick, making it an ideal choice for vapers and smoke ring enthusiasts. Yet again, this shisha tobacco burns for a long time, ensuring that you have a smooth and extended session. It emits an earthly and pine-sweet smell when smoked.

Star Buzz

The availability of this flavor comes in three variants, namely, 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g. This is a pretty unique flavor to try out if you are a regular smoker.

Star Buzz Pirates Cave

This is an ideal choice for hookah flavors, looking for a creamy and delightful aroma with a juicy consistency.

It has a uniquely rich and sweet taste of lime amongst all the fruity flavors we have tried so far. This is a fantastic flavor from Star Buzz that has a sweet aftertaste of lemon, lime and offers satisfaction for all tropical flavor fans.

Due to its sweet taste and aroma, you can quickly introduce this shisha tobacco to your friends. Better yet, this flavor doesn’t induce coughing, so that it can be smoked by casual smokers as well. After taking the first few puffs, it leaves a sweet taste in the mouth.

Amount Of Buzz

The buzz of this shisha tobacco is mild. To try this flavor, you would need to have a requirement for a sweet taste and smell. If not, it is better to stay away from this Star Buzz flavor.

Amount Of Clouds

The smoke produced from this shisha tobacco is pretty dense and thick. It doesn’t even cause any coughing. Better yet, this flavor is perfect for long sessions!

The availability of this flavor comes in three variants, namely, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g.

Pina Colada

This is another flavor that you should consider if you are a sweet lover. This Star Buzz flavor comes with a mixed flavor rich in pineapple and coconut.

The Pina Colada is worth trying since it leaves a rich taste of pineapple and coconut in your mouth. You will definitely love this flavor due to its authentic Pina Colada smell and taste.

However, this flavor is not for a typical smoking session. If you plan to chill with your friends on a Saturday evening with this flavor, it would surely win their hearts!

Amount Of Buzz

The Pina Colada is a heavy flavor with an intense buzz. Thus, it is an ideal choice for shisha smokers looking for a strong buzz with a strong flavor.

Amount Of Smoke

The Pina Colada produces a thick cloud of smoke. However, you wouldn’t choke on it! Thus, this flavor from Star Buzz is an excellent choice for vapors. Smokers who enjoy blowing smoke rings can do so now with this flavor. The Pina Colada burns for a long time, ensuring that you have a long and smooth session with one bowl since it burns relatively slower than other flavors.

The availability of this flavor comes in three variants, namely, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g.

Asian Persuasion

If you are looking for a flower-based shisha flavor, this is the best choice for you. This flavor from Star Buzz even comes with several spices and teas.

The combination of this shisha tobacco is pretty unique. It has a combination of grape, earthy tea flavor, and a spicy ginger flavor from the Far East region. It also has a sweet-smelling and tasting flavor.

The taste of the East Asian spices and a mild mint in the background is pretty heavy. Thus, this flavor is quite impressive for casual smokers. However, beginners and amateurs should stay away from this variant due to its rich flavor. It has a sweet and robust taste. However, some customers found it to induce mild coughing.

Amount Of Buzz

This flavor would give you a strong buzz due to the blended spices, flowers, and teas it contains. Thus, it is a good flavor of choice for hookah lovers looking for a buzz in a flavor.

Amount Of Smoke

This Star Buzz flavor also produces rich white smoke. Thus, it is the ideal flavor for vapors and smoke ring fanatics. Better yet, this flavor lasts longer than most other flavors from Star Buzz.

Star Buzz Flavor: Smoke Fun’s Guide

Having seen the above list of Star Buzz flavors, it is prudent to understand purchasing the right flavor for your shisha sessions.

The above flavors we have put in our list come from our personal experience. Thus, the choice of a shisha flavor is completely personal.

Star Buzz

We admit that we never were a big fan of Star Buzz flavors. However, after trying a couple of their flavors, guess what? We started to include them in everyday life!!

Star Buzz creates one of those flavors, which is one of the trendiest in the market. You would get all of these in our store. Check out our inventory of the best flavors from this renowned flavor.

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