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Top 7 Best dark Blends Brands Available In The Market

Hope you are doing great and welcome back to Smokefun blog once again! We have been making entries on some blogs that hopefully are helping you to acquire detailed knowledge.

This time, this is the time to rise and shine the Dark blends. Yes! Here we are about to make an entry of the flavors that might have been underrated, but are truly a gem of this industry. Even when these remained unappreciated, today have thought of standing out for the flavors that have been forgotten in the blonde leaf tobacco market.

If you are a blonde leaf lover, then you must have a look at this blog to find some of the most amazing flavors that can turn any party into an exclusive one. Not only have I personally tasted these flavors with my hookahset, but also, these are my personal favorites. I swear, you are going to thank me by the end of the session.

Trust me guys!

Not always rates speak the truth, something experiments should be done.

GrapeFruit by Al Fakhamah:

It does not need any mentioning that you won’t find it hard to get a grapefruit flavored tobacco in this market but no wonder, just a few are capable of hitting the right notes of the true grapefruit. This is especially for the purpose for the grape fruit. If you have checked their line of products, you must have observed that this brand is more into the natural flavors. They seek to offer the purest flavors of grapefruit.

Compared to the different other types of grapefruit flavors which generally tastes either like the grapefruit soda or the too sweet or might be pungent enough to kill the sweet smell, this is somewhat out of the league, the exclusive Al fakhamah can be a great choice.

GrapeFruit by Al Fakhamah

I prefer calling this one exclusive because it’s unique as the pungent bites can be a great thing for the summer times while the sweet flavor that is not overbearing can offer a great value to the flavor. So, believe my worlds and start creating the bowl of your hookahset for a fantastic session.

The next one in the row is Golden Line Orange by Al Fakher.

Golden Line Orange by Al Fakher.

No wonder that Al fakher is one of the renowned brands known throughout the world. Even when they have tons of product lines, I believe that the Golden Line never gets the attention that it actually deserves. I really can continue talking about how great these flavors are that they have offered in this line but something that is underrated yet a magnificent one is the orange flavor.

Undeniably the Alfakher’s orange with mint and orange are known among the smokers that are available in the original line. However, they are nowhere accurate to the real one. As per me, I believe that this happened because they were figuring out what they wanted to do. Irrespective of everything, they did not change the formula, instead they created an orange flavor that without any doubt will leave into the piece the others.

Golden Line Orange by Al Fakher

As mentioned, the Golden Line Orange is probably the most accurate flavors that I have had till date from the brand. You can feel the hint of bitter and sweetness that would linger and keep the balance enjoyable that you would love to taste.  Even when there is no doubt that the Golden line orange will never overtake the orange with mint, this is the hidden gem that I just unveiled. Not taking the credit, but having faith, you are going to love it.

Island Papaya Fumari:

In the year 2019, there would be no harm to say that Fumari was mostly available in most of the hookah stash. With some of the most common flavors like Mint Chocolate Chill, Gummy Bear, Lemon Mint which is the Iconic addition can be found everywhere and why, everybody knows. However, some others are also there in the line up that deserves equal attention and the most is the papaya flavor.

One of the finest ways to elaborate this flavor is to say that it is similar to the tropical double apple. You can acquire the sweet papaya creamy taste that will already tickle the taste buds and will make you feel like suddenly you are on some beach. But one thing that keeps it over all is the tinge of aniseed bite that makes the flavor feel amazing.

Island Papaya Fumari

This is one of those very few flavors that everyone can taste on their hookahset. This is something that can set the summer mix and something that can be found easily on any hookah lounge.

Majestic Bru by Haze:

Even when the brand has taken the back seat in the American market in the last few years because of moving internationally, some flavors are still there that keep lingering. From some of the most popular ones, the Majestic Bru offered by Haze is one of the best one that you can try tasting.

The name has been taken to the café but keeping the name aside, the Majestic Bru offered by haze is one of the spectacular blends. The majestic Bru offers an amazing blend of rose, cream and orange.  The rose flavor offers a kick to the entire equation which works in the back of cream and citrus profile. The brand has been able to make the perfect blend of the three by maintaining the symphony and offering a perfect smoking bliss.

Majestic Bru by Haze

The beauty of this amazing flavor is in the mesmerizing blend of three. You will simply be mesmerized with the fantastic blends and keep enjoying the flavors with your hookahset at home.

Pure Tobacco tangerine:

Known for the multiple variants of flavors in their product line, this brand has been able to make immense success with their single note flavors. While most of them are a great representation of fruits, they mimic a lot for the minty brethren. If you ask me, I can actually write a paper which will probably be a love letter to all the amazing flavors that are not being appreciated but for now, let us just keep ourselves focused on the Tangerine’s cliff notes.

If you are someone like me who has grown up with the amazing fresh flavors of Tangerine, I know they have preserved a special place that no other flavors can beat. I have tried several times to find something that can at least replicate a bit of these flavors, but I failed. I wasn’t able to satisfy myself until their new flavors came up.

Pure Tobacco tangerine

What do you think makes the flavors of tangerine so unique? Well, then the answer is not only it offers a taste of orange or the gummy candy but one of the best parts of these flavors is that they feel completely light on the taste buds. This does not necessarily mean that these are light flavors but it feels just like the first bite of tangerine in real life. It has some of the amazing flavors. The tangy and bright flavors subside quickly to the creamy pulp that is pure and nail the session. If you want to start with something that tastes absolutely pure, you can start your trek with this.

Blue Raspberry by Social Smoke:

Primarily, this was the very first flavor offered by Social Smoke. I absolutely had the pleasure trying this flavor and upon getting the smell, I absolutely know that I was going to get hooked with this one. Enduring the summers often compelled me to reach out for something that offers an icy treat and nothing like the blue raspberry offered by social smoke could offer the retreat. So, I won’t say that this flavor kept me coming for it every time I looked for a great experience in my life.

If you had the Jolly rancher candy, this flavor is more similar to those candies that we had in our childhood days. The tiniest bits of raspberry treats that we get from it but most of its parts the smoke is acquired from something that tastes like sugar melted and the blue coloring agent. Whilst the basics of the flavor, it still remained underrated and never got the limelight.

Blue Raspberry by Social Smoke

If you ask me, I cannot offer enough recommendation as nothing there can actually beat the unbelievable taste of the blue raspberry offered by Social Smoke.  Just place an order of the blue raspberry flavor today and keep smoking. Don’t worry your tongue is not going to turn blue.

Watermelon by Starbuzz:

With absolutely endless numbers of flavors that has been offered by the original line of Starbuzz, it does not need any mentioning that Starbuzz’s lineup has gone through some of the major cracks. While the brand has a strong line of fans following, Watermelon is still leading with some of the authentic fan following.

If you have tried other watermelon flavors, you might have witnessed that most of the either ended with the candy-like flavor or something that is a little bit inaccurate. Everyone who has been into smoking for years has this amazing ability to understand the Starbuzz has set the bar when it comes to the blonde leaf tobaccos. Something that makes the flavor truly a worthy one is the bright texture, subtle tang along with the refreshing quality which makes the entire thing an enjoyable process.

Watermelon by Starbuzz

This is undoubtedly sweet and almost similar to candy but not completely like candy but still offers the refreshing thing. The flavor accuracy makes it a must try but the reality is that it can mix perfectly well with any other blonde leaf.

And that is all for today folks! I know that you haven’t heard of these much but trust me guys, you will thank me after you try these flavors. These are some of my favorites that have never failed to offer a blissful smoking session.

Mark my words, hardly any of the people will talk about these because these are some of the underrated flavors that can kick the socks off. Since they are not talked much does not really mean that they are not worthy of your time. Just take your hookahset, prepare the bowl and sit to smoke – thank me later!

Do you consider any of these as your favorite flavor? If so, feel free to let us know about your experience or if you have other names that remain underrated yet offer better smoking sessions than the overrated ones.

Lastly, thanks for joining us! 

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