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Tips on Setting Up Your Hookah Set Up

A proper hookah set up is likely the one that has always been regarded as the one with the most extended and perfect smoke session. And, another essential thing to remember is having the right hookah set up. This is very much required to know which flavors would be the flavors for tobacco.

Constituents Of A Hookah Set Up

The first one is the hookah shisha. It is not essential to use a hookah shisha for smoking tobacco. This is because it can burn the shisha on the hookah instead of smoking it. The shisha has a metal body with a foil cover over the coil. There are two types of shisha hookahs. One is the regular shisha hookah that comes with a metal body, and the other is a hookah set up that is thinner with a thin metal body. When you choose a shisha hookah, be sure that it is the one you prefer.

Other essential parts of hookah set up are the hookah itself, the trays, and the bowls. The hookah itself is the container where the smoker will put their tobacco and inhale the aroma. You can choose different hookah parts, such as the body. It is usually made of porcelain or clay. You also have the tray, which is covered with a lid. Some even cover it with another tray. This allows the users to place more hookah parts and different flavors for tobacco inside the trays. This makes your smoking experience a more enjoyable one.

What Are The Different Flavors For Tobacco For Your Hookah Set Up?

Different hookah flavoring adds a different taste to your tobacco. There are flavored charcoals and oil that add different tastes and aromas to your smoke. Most hookah manufacturers offer a wide range of these flavors. You can choose the one that suits you and your family. The varieties of flavors are mints, barbecue, floral, and fruit flavors.

hookah set up

The hookah parts in a standard hookah set up include a mouthpiece, hookah stick, hookah body, and the hookah bowl. The mouthpiece is typically made out of plastic and has a tapered tip. The hookah stick is essentially a long thin tube that is the key part of your hookah setup. Finally, the bowl is typically made out of clay or similar material.

What Are The Different Accessories Included in a Hookah Set Up?

Other hookah accessories such as the hookah charcoal starter kit are typically sold separately. These are handy items and help prevent your hookah from getting spoiled. The hookah accessories tray usually consists of a small assortment of hookah parts. They are typically made out of clear acrylic and have an attractive glossy finish. Other accessories found in the hookah accessories list include hookah glass, hookah screens, and even hookah lighters. All these items are meant to make your hookah experience more enjoyable.

Hookah hoses also come in many varieties. They are usually made out of different materials, including cotton, silk, terrycloth, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. Some hookah hoses even feature cotton lining. This ensures that the tobacco can breathe just like it would outside. Hookah hoses are typically made out of strong nylon fabric. This allows for easy portability and ease of maintenance. If you buy a hookah that does not come with a hose, then you should invest in one. You would need hookah hoses to fill your hookah with water. Hookah smokers need to suck from these to inhale the smoke through them.

How To Take Care Of Your Hookah Setup?

The hookah is considered one of the highest quality smoking segments in the world. And another important thing associated with the hookah: maintaining the hookah properly. Remember, without retaining the hookah, you will end up with problems that will not be cost-effective for you. Unfortunately, some people do not know the benefits of hookah maintenance. These people own a hookah that regularly breaks down. Thus, you need to consider some points to make sure that your hookah set up is in a top-notch condition.

parts of hookah

Things You Should Consider While Maintaining Your Hookah Set Up

  • The most important part of hookah maintenance is the hookah itself. It is typically made from plastic that is called Resin. There are hookah parts made from different materials. For example, the hose that comes with hookah is generally made from plastic. Thus, you must know the material your hookah is made of so that you can keep track of its maintenance.
  • If you have bought an airtight hookah, the hookah set up may have tightly secured the hookah hoses. These hookah hoses are usually sold with the hookah set up. So when you buy these hookah hoses, make sure that they are well made and airtight. Ideally, hookah hoses should be made from very good quality material. These include metal or plastic.
  • The hookah bowl also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning procedure usually includes removing the shisha from the hookah, pouring a mixture of warm water and detergent onto the hookah bowl, and then cleaning the hookah using a soft brush. It is essential to rinse the hookah bowl thoroughly with cold water. You would also need to dry it thoroughly before replacing the shisha with it. However, this is only important if you are using an electric hookah. Here you need not rinse and dry the hookah after cleaning manually. But, if you are using a traditional hookah set up, you might need to clean it using a cotton cloth manually. Some of them even recommend that you use a cup of ammonia mixed with one gallon of water. This helps in cleaning the hookah when it gets dirty.
  • Another important thing that you should know about hookahs is that the base and the different hookah parts can suffer damages even when they are kept clean and well maintained. This is why it is essential to store the hookahs adequately such that the base and the hookah parts do not get damaged when you are not using them. This is done by placing them in an anti-static bag or in a zip lock bag so that you can protect them from dust.
  • The hookah shaft is usually made of metal alloys which are plated with rhodium plating. However, specific models of hookahs that are cheaper may come without plating. It will have a design on its shaft. There is also another design on the shaft called the hookah dome. This is made up of steel that prevents the flow of smoke through the hookah shaft. Some hookah shafts are designed to sit close to the body of the hookah. This ensures that the smoke is expelled from the tip rather than the whole body of the hookah. However, the diameter of your hookah base should be equal to the height of your hookah stem. This ensures that your hookah shaft and stem don’t touch each other.

Bonus Points To Take Care Of Your Hookah Setup

To start your hookah set up, you should place your hookah base on your hookah smoking unit. Then you should put your hookah shaft into the mouth of the glass vase. Next, you should fill the hookah base with charcoal found in many hookah shops or even online. If you don’t have access to charcoal, you may use plain water or vegetable oil with your hookah up. Once you have placed the charcoal in your glass vase, you should light it and then inhale deeply.

flavors for tobacco

Once you have finished your hookah smoking session, you should put the lid on the glass base and then light the foil using a match. After you have done so, you should place a strip of paper on the bottom of your hookah. This is to make sure that you can put the hookah foil back in position. When you are finished with it, you should wipe off the foil so that the hookah foil does not get smothered with any excess smoke or char. Now that your hookah is ready, you should light the coals next to your hookah base and inhale deeply. You should wait for a few minutes, and then you should smoke your hookah with the help of your hookah smoking accessories.

Ending Note

Your hookah accessories trays, hookah bowls, and hookah charcoal are all critical to your hookah experience. Without them, your hookah will not work correctly and will not produce the best smoke. You must also ensure that you have a good heat source on your hookah to ensure that your tobacco is as warm as it can be. Hookah manufacturers commonly recommend a warm light to be used on your hookah. This is because a low-wattage bulb will tend not to provide enough heat sources. A quality hookah set up will generally consist of a hookah base, a stem, a hookah bowl, and three or four hookah hoses. These would allow your hookah set up to work to their full potential.

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