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The Most Common Hookah Frustrations & Its Solutions

Smoking hookah is one of the biggest pastimes of people – no wonder it is relaxing and great from every aspect, but only when it is done properly. If not having complete experience in setting hookah, even with the Fumari tobacco, you can stay assured that the experience can become entirely frustrating.

I am again here to guide you in every possible way just to ensure that the smoking experience does not turn into a horrific experience. This guide is for the beginners who are trying hard to enjoy smoking yet unable to do it because somewhere or the other they are going wrong. So, I am here to offer you some miraculous advice that assures a frustration-free smoking experience.


With such a knowledge in your hand, I guarantee, you will never go wrong – not now or never!

Your hookah coals are going just half the way!    

You have got everything right, lighted up the charcoal, but the frustration is, the hookah coals are participating and coordinating with you.

No secret that the hookah coals stay lit and transform into a pile of ash and you stop smoking, simple as that but not for everyone. How many times have you faced a situation where your coals have gone just half the way through the session? In case you are making use of the quality natural coals, the chances of meeting with such a situation are often less than ever, but this can be a situation if the coal is old and cheap as it can result in getting into a common problem.

What can be the possible solution? The very first thing that you need to ensure is that the coals are heated properly throughout. While you are placing them on coal burners, don’t forget flipping them. This is required because it makes sure that all the sides of the coals are properly and evenly heated throughout the way. Another very basic thing that you need to ensure that the hookah charcoal is the best one. This indeed is the simplest of solutions.

Another reason your charcoal is going just half of the way through the smoking session is all the charcoals are not equally created. Some are made in inferior techniques and materials. This will help you to enjoy any tobacco like Fumari and ensure that the coals do not burn halfway.

You are smoking harsh bowls and the shisha tastes yak!

Mm! I understand! This is one of the most common complaints that I have been hearing from people. A major frustration indeed because you are paying so much for buying the Fumari tobacco and then you are acquiring something that you are not willing. A proper heat management technique is required and which is again another trickier aspect. Coal placement, rotating the coals, creating holes on the foil and ensuring the location – everything contributes in the smoking session.

What can be the solution? Well, if you ask me then I will say you that the heat management techniques should be just on spot. In case there are issues then our suggestions will always be to eliminate as much as you can. How will you do that? Well not a paid act but I personally believe that Kaloud Lotus is the only way. Trust me, it can be a great way to replace foil and when using this equipment, you don’t have to rotate the coals. These are the two major culprits in just a stroke.

You open your box and it is all dried! Argh!

I would like to say that guys I personally have experienced this situation for quite a number of times. Even when I am having the craving to smoke the Fumari flavor, there were times I couldn’t and I have to give up on it. You already know that it’s only been a few times that you have smoked from the new bowl, but the leftover is quite a huge quantity. This you will expect to be exceptionally juicy and loaded with fresh flavors. Since you are buying, you must be expecting the best of it. But! But! But! The result is all dry!


I understand the pain!

What is the solution? Well, you must know that whether you are buying Fumari or Zomo, every manufacturer has a different way to package their tobacco. Some are again made in a way that goes a long way. When you are buying the shisha and it comes in an airtight container, the simplest way to make sure that the shisha lasts longer and does not get dry. This way you can stay assured that the shisha is stored properly and lasts longer. It will degrade a lot slower than you have experienced earlier.

You have made the ambiance, called your friend, all set and your bowl broke!

Oh man! Have you been experiencing this? Or have you experienced this? No? you are a pro man as I have experienced it. I cannot say how big time frustrating it is.

So let me share my experience and please don’t laugh, but you can feel pity for me. So, it happened like I am all set – I have cleaned the hookah, added the fresh water on the base, the hose is perfectly clean and dried and eventually put coals on the burner. I have just left to prepare the bowl with the Fumari placed and to my pleasure, I broke it. I broke the bowl! Can you believe that?

How frustrating it can be and I had to substitute and eventually had to change the plan. If you have gone through such a situation, I have a full proof solution for you.

What can be the solution? Either be careful which is a basic thing that everyone would suggest, or you can keep a space bowl set for you. This will become advantageous in such devastating times. Another amazing thing that you can do and which can be a lifetime solution is choosing the Silicone hookah bowl.

Your Hookah makes a lot of noise:

Have you ever heard the crack sound just like your old TV? I know, this is one of the problems that you have been facing right? Don’t blame yourself for the problem but try to find out the solution – because you deserve the quiet and peace.


What can be the possible solution? You can add the silicone hookah diffuser in it on the downstem as it can help you to turn the sound down and enjoy your movie without interfering with the bubbling sound. If diffuser is not a choice for you, then you can choose the glass hookah as most of them come with the diffuser inbuilt.

Your Fumari Tastes More like the previous session’s Zomo apple pie:

Ghosting is one of the most common issues that can be found among people. This is a real problem. We all know that the flavors of Shishas are amazingly strong and every time you are smoking them, it keeps lingering in the hookah hose. In a hookah, the bowl and base is one of the major parts that plays a huge role, it therefore requires cleaning every time after use. When you bowl what you have set with the Fumari tobacco feels like the previous days’ flavor, I have a solution that can be great for you.

The solution is to look for the washable hose or maybe the silicone hose. After you smoke every time, all you need is to ensure that you are cleaning the hose and the hookah on a regular basis. This is definitely not at all much exciting for you but you need to ensure that the hookah and its hose is regularly cleaned. A washable hose can become a great choice as it ensures proper cleaning.

Your hookah has this restricted draw:

This is also true that this is one of the most common hookah killers. A restricted or tight draw can result in putting your lungs into more discomfort as it takes much effort to draw the smoke. There is no doubt some of the most common culprits here that result in causing these issues.

The very first thing that you need to do is look at the passageway from where the smoke goes along with removing the things that can result in causing the blocking of the airflow. Proper cleaning ensures this.

Another is that if you are making use of the traditional bowl which comes with the air intake holes available beneath the shisha ensures that Fumari is not tightly packed and would prevent the flowing of air. There a great and intelligent top is to load the bowl with Shisha and then making use of the toothpick, you can make circles of holes to make sure that there is a constant flow of air.

Hookah is all our physicals and enjoyment! Now you must be thinking, who is going to delve into learning physics now, but trust me, you don’t have to! All you have to do is make sure that you are following the above-mentioned steps if you are frustrated due to these issues. You can stay assured that you will be able to keep enjoying the Fumari while facing a harsh smoking session.

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