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Simple methods to keep your shisha fresh

Getting an everlasting hookah session and storing your hookah are probably the most common questions and concerns of every hookah enthusiast, especially beginners. However, research suggests that you also need some specialization on specific segments related to hookah if you are an expert specialist. Some of them are eventually important to get an ultimate and flavorful hookah session.

We could start this article with suggestions on storing solutions of al fakher flavor. As you know, a hookah contains several essential features and valuable tactics that make the thing better. Such specifications and ingredients make a whole procedure appropriate. Hookah is genuinely considered as an occasional fun indulgence. However, various things existed, which you should be aware of. Otherwise, you have to be prepared for the worst scenario.

Perfectly keeping tobacco or shisha is among them.

Increasing your length of hookah session can only be achieved by knowing the proper techniques and methods.

The age-old question that scholars and philosophers have discussed and debated for decades.

Storing solution of al fakher flavor

If you take a survey or do research on hookah enthusiasts, you might get the valuable information that hookah culture depends on personal choice and experience. But, al fakher is the definite flavor through which you could explore the authentic taste of tobacco. Also, it offers a tremendous storing solution along with the assurance of a lasting session.

You need to seal your hookah tobacco

Have you ever thought, why do you need to store your hookah shisha appropriately? Or what is something special about storing your hookah tobaccos? The primary overlooked concept of preparing a hookah is the related concerned issues like storing or procedure of a long-lasting hookah session.

Well-maintained shisha tobacco is undoubtedly appropriate for offering a great hookah session. After arriving at your hookah, you need to keep it in an air-tight container, have you heard? Yes, an air-tight container. This is one of the good habits to dealing with shisha, especially al fakher.

Also, make sure that your container must contain enough space to store the shisha properly. Most smaller containers or boxes often don’t seal well for long durations, and interior foil wrappers can be messy. You need to check this out before further proceedings.

Note: If you are searching for the best method, you need to know that if you use a resealable bag or container, you can keep your shisha fresh.

al fakher

Now, the biggest concern is…

Where should I store it?

As you know, be it al fakher or other flavors, shisha is pretty hardy and consists of natural materials, so you need to think of a clever and helpful container.

Experts suggest that “Just like anything else organic its environment needs to be taken into account when storing. The ideal place to keep your shisha is in a dry, neutral temperature space.”

You must know the fact that your hookah shisha loves to follow your likings! Well, jokes apart, your beloved shisha is comfortable at room temperature that comes with low humidity. Also, many smokers doubt and don’t know if they refrigerate it after opening the packaging. No, don’t dare to do it if you want to save your al fakher! Really, don’t! You cannot consider the freezer, and kindly keep the fridge space for your eggs and ice cream.

However, many experts also suggest where the freezer is a strict no-no for tobacco; you can consider a refrigerator to store it.

Don’t choose a too cold or too hot temperature for keeping your tobacco. Remember, the extreme cold will dry out the thing, and the hot will bring moisture to ruin the entire flavor. But on the other hand, some moisture is considerable for shisha, or else it can be dried out. So, you need to keep in a place where the tobacco helps itself keep the flavor intact.

Enrich and moisture your tobacco with tobacco syrup

If you doubt that you have missed the tips mentioned above, you might go for individual yet unique tips, or if you are upset about a failed hookah storage master plan, then here is another chance to save your dearest tobacco from drying out!

As a hookah enthusiast, you might be eager to explore all types of possibilities. one of the simplest methods is to get yourself a pack of tobacco syrup and use it with your old shisha tobacco. This will eventually give you a new form of hookah session.

So, what’s the final solution, and what is the way out?

Oh, are you anxious about finding a proper place to store your tobacco? Then the answer will be, it’s mind-numbingly easy—all you need to seal it and keep it in the dark, cool place. Your al fakher will stay perfect for years.

If you want shisha to keep it tidy, neat, and clean, you can gently wrap the shisha in wax paper or plastic wrap, then put it in a shisha storage container. Voila! Your tobacco is all set to produce intense smoke for years. You can put the box in a zip lock bag for your ultimate satisfaction for better safety and precautions.

How should you properly store your hookah is probably not a question but a concern for most hookah lovers, especially beginners. However, keeping the exact flavor of al fakher is not a daunting or challenging task; you need to know the definite method if you want to keep the tobacco flavor intact and have plenty of fruitful sessions with this flavor.

All you need to do is, keeping your tobacco in a cool, dark, and dry place, and you have to keep in mind that the tobacco should be in a cabinet, drawer, or closet.

Besides all these, from time to time, we overhear such comments in hookah hangouts like, ‘Oh man! such a nasty taste!’ Those comments will make you sad because the responsibility of setting up your hookah was all yours! But due to the lack of proper care and maintenance of your hookah shisha, you have to take the charge for this extreme disaster, especially if you are in a hookah party or travelling to some of your favorite places with your friends! The ideal hookah should be tasty and offer a moment of relaxation, not burn your throat. But before heading to the hookah setup, you need to be sure if your hookah is fresh for a session or not!

There is simply no science behind it. All you need to follow some simple procedures to make your hookah taste fresh and exciting!

Try with cold water

Coldwater has been considered the fundamental principle during hookah preparations. Normal water gets warm during the whole process, and you would not want to use warm water during smoking. So, having a fresh and incredible flavor, you can follow this step.

You can also use cool ice water for better smoke!

But, kindly note that ice might be a brilliant idea to make your hookah taste fresh, but you have to remember that it decreases the tobacco taste.

al fakher

Wet and fresh quality tobacco to enhance your taste bud

 If you plan to smoke, make sure that your shisha must be wet and doesn’t get dried out. To save your tobacco from this, it is suggested to avoid direct sunlight. If your party is too away from today’s date, then you don’t have a plan to smoke in the next few days; you can put the tobacco in an airtight bag or a container to keep the air away.

 Always for renowned tobacco specialists such as al fakher, these brands have specialty to offer you a great smoke within your budget, and it lasts long!

Make your shisha tastes better

When you bought your hookah shisha for the first time, you were amazed to get the awesome flavor. It was full of rich and delicious. When the time goes on, your shisha begins to build up an ungrateful flavor, and you can’t even believe that your shisha has to turn out into this!

Don’t be so surprised! It may happen due to your inefficiencies or neglecting regarding keeping your shisha fresh. You need to put a lot of effort on this. Remember, a clean hookah set is also responsible for keeping the flavor fresh and outstanding. Of course, you don’t need to offer an awful taste to your hookah buddies! So, keep a Saturday free to clean the whole parts of hookah. Yes, I agree that no one would like to spend their Saturdays on cleaning, but the fact is, if you contribute your 10 minutes, you do not have to regret it for at least ten months.

al fakher

Are you also worried about the lasting session of hookah?

Well, it majorly depends on the proper care and maintenance of your hookah shisha and sets. Although, experts say that hookah smokers often got into this trouble and wanted to resolve it immediately. However, this is not such an important topic, but you still need to be more concerned with hookah, making sure it lasts longer. You should put the prime focus on selecting the ingredients that could be tobacco, tobacco flavor, shisha, hookah bowl, hookah charcoals, coal burners, hoses, pipes, anything. Al fakher is the outstanding flavor you can save for your most fabulous hookah party ever!

Though it’s pretty complicated to explain and assure the average hookah session’s average timing, it should last at least 45 minutes to one hour. But it is a little more complicated than that.

Ending Note

For extreme shisha fans, time with buddies can never be imagined or well-spent without al fakher and appropriate hookah. While you gather your knowledge on how to save your flavor for an exciting hookah session, you also need to follow the rules of maintaining your hookah parts as well! Because hookah is all about ingredients. You need to have good elements to make a delicious plate.

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