Hookah John X Zomo Harmony Bowl

Hookah John Bowls are the latest and highest quality bowls available for smokers. We understand your need for thick smoke and maximum heat retention, and so here we are with the top-notch Hookah John bowls. With these bowls available in the Hookah accessories section, now you can have a fun smoking time.

These bowls are unique in their making because of the amazing clay body. The secret behind including clay is to ensure maximum heat efficiency. These are mostly 3 inches tall and have 3 inches of outer diameter. But as these are handmade, don’t expect the exact measure in all the bowls.

These hookah john bowls serve the primary need of smokers by retaining and handling the huge amount of heat requirement. Its dimension and design give you the comfort to pack your tobacco, take a puff of the amazing flavors and create smoke clouds.

Browse the quality hookah John bowls available here and place your order now.


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