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Packing the Darkside tobacco: A complete know-how

The best thing about hookah is, you can get the chance to invent and explore the newest things every day, be it hookah accessories or other facts. The hookah has been a prevalent and entertainer for over decades. However, you can’t find less craze for this smoking element. Many hookah enthusiasts love to dive into the complexities that make this lifestyle exciting and exciting.

Gaining knowledge on everything related to hookah gets you expertise in practical fields. Be it the best classic tobacco flavors such as zomo or proper utilization of coal burner. You need to get the exact knowledge on everything that helps you achieve a successful hookah session.

This time, we are going to discuss something unusual and unique. Probably you haven’t heard of this particular. The packaging of dark side tobacco is becoming extremely popular. But executing it properly, you need to know some essential aspects of this specific segment. So, let’s not waste a single time and jump into the matter. I hope you are eager to know.

What is Darkside Tobacco?

You have probably heard of some renowned brands like zomo, starbuzz, al fakher, adalya and many more. But here comes the darkside tobacco, one of the newest inventions of tobacco manufacturers that offer the best flavor with the smartest blendings. 

Darkside tobacco in itself is something that encourages you to try it once in your lifetime. The flavor profiles concentrate on delivering exotic aroma, but it boasts a significant buzz while providing an intense flavor from start to finish. We probably ignore this specific brand as we have renowned names like zomo, trifecta, al fakher, fumari, starbuzz etc. in our bucket but have you found yourself exploring some newest inventions to change your taste bud and make your hookah session more memorable? With serious flavors like basil blast. Supernova, polar cream, bananapapa, and nutz, it’s easy to find something you will enjoy so long as you can source it. This rustic yet straightforward flavor gives you an ultimate buzz while intaking such flavor.

But there are several methods followed by hookah enthusiasts to make and pack the tobacco. If you are an earnest lover of darkside tobacco but wonder how to start with it? This blog might be helpful for you.


Method No.#1: The Russian Method

This has been considered one of the foremost methods of packing darkside tobacco. This method has been adapted from the motherland of tobacco, Russia. This specific method seeks to give you the complete experience of just what this brand can offer. And there, you could find the difference with other brands.

It could be a wonderful experience, especially for those who love black molasses-based tobacco.

To start this method, you need to have an Egyptian bowl that is moderately shallow with sheer walls. Egyptian bowl is perfect for enjoying the fullest of the tobacco flavor.

Experts say that “The shape of the bowl you choose will matter drastically when it comes to not only tobacco conservation but overall preparation of this method.”

All you need to start mixing your favorite darkside tobacco flavor of your choice before finally packing it. You need to concentrate on the same consistency as it is solely responsible for promoting flavor strength. This tobacco is extremely saturated, and by doing this, you will have to ensure each leaf is located in the concentration.

After mixing the tobacco gently, the procedure is done. You have to start fluffing it into the bowl with a light hand. You need to be aware of each concentration and saturation. You have to start the procedure with a light hand, and you need to be assured about adding the density before you finish the packing in the optimal amount. During the packing procedure, make sure that the holes of the bowl are not blocked in a way, and any form as the molasses will need room to expand once you have applied the heat gently.

The next step will be moving the tobacco away from the bowl and center walls after gently placing it to the rim. The most important point is to have the tobacco from the outside in, and it reflects the style of the pack.

Once you are done with the step, your next step will be to gently clear out the bowl’s center hole through the top. You can use a hole poker if you want to do the exact thing through the bottom. Now, the final thing would be, adding your favorite HMD on top while ensuring the device either barely touches the tobacco.

When it comes to heat management, this whole procedure needs a generous amount of charcoal to get everything done. You need to pack the dark side blossoms correctly so that it gets heat properly. Cube charcoals are perfect to start and tempering it down when it’s fully heated up. Though it sounds a little bit complicated once you start doing the procedure, it naturally becomes easy. You have to practice it quite a lot to get a satisfactory result.

Method No.#2: The Unique Method

This method has been inspired by the masonshishaware that helped to invent this method, and thus, hookah smokers found a new way to pack the darkside tobacco uniquely! Various experiments were conducted during the exploration of the method as they believe it will help individually establish the packing method. After multiple experiments and investigations, experts were able to bring such an inventory method.

This unique method is best served by packing some basil blast, supernova, and virgin melon. You can have the option of red tea and lemon blast as a consolation mix as well.

Start the process with a phunnel bowl that has the record of executing a great smoking session. Pick something that you will enjoy and an everlasting hookah session. Remember, smoking hookah is to enjoy the smoke. If you want, you can opt for a helyx bowl as well.

Once you have chosen your weapon to start the procedure and start mixing your tobacco thoroughly, you need to be assured that you are entering an extreme zone. You should keep in mind that you have to pick something that you will enjoy since smoking and at the end of the day it’s all about the enjoyment factor, as I’ve said earlier. So, picking any bowl doesn’t matter. You have to be concentrated on preparing the whole procedure smoothly.


So, after everything is mixed up, grab a small amount of the tobacco and begin fluffing it up to the rim. The ideal density is essential for the exact proportion of the tobacco. Once you have packed to the top, start to compress it down lightly; you need to make sure that you have ample time and room for the molasses, which is an important thing you need to consider. This will be an added benefit to the expanded flavoring while smoking hookah. Ideally, this has been considered as a standard kind of pack that is essential to pack blonde leaves. Many hookah smokers love to try zomo world experience, which is a prime example of blonde leaves tobacco. It should also be noted that you want it to borderline a semi-dense pack more than the standard.

This unique way to experiment with darkside tobacco makes the whole procedure exciting.

You need to leave the tobacco just under the rum, so virtually nothing stuck to the foil after the final preparation session. It facilitates the heat to transfer through the bowl as more permeates into the flavor. Now, foil and charcoal can be ready after completing these procedures. This method also works with either direct contact to the foil or through the provost. Flavors are always fruitful to enjoy smoking, and it is considered the core element for hookah smoking, so you need to take care of each flavor you choose for smoking.

Now again, for heat management, you need to settle it with three cubes. That must be the golden rule with the exception of the Provost, which only calls for two higher heat coals to get going. You need to manage your own method and packing method, as you are the owner of your hookah session. But that doesn’t mean that adding some extra coal cubes would be fruitful to make the session livelier. These, you need to remember for the entire life.  Proportion and concentration – these two things are core elements to understand the hookah session’s nature and have an ideal execution.

Final Thoughts 

Be it zomo tobacco flavor or dark side. Simple but essential elements are needed for a smooth delivery, especially when it comes to preparing a hookah. These minor things can be a significant cause to enjoy a perfect hookah and get yourself ready for having a smoky affair!

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