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How to smoke like a pro in a hookah lounge? A basic know-how

If you are well aware of hookah ingredients and features, you should probably know that hookah set-up is quite a daunting task, but you can go through the most exciting task forever if you enjoy it solely. You are probably such a hookah lover who wants to smoke like a hookah lounge but couldn’t get the chance for this pandemic situation where everything remains within social distance. Suppose you want to experience the environment of a hookah lounge. In that case, you can go ahead, you can decide to take the next step and pick a set up that makes you comfortable yet offer you the experience of an extraordinary hookah session, but of course, you should start your day with zomo!

Today, we will enlighten you on the basic steps of preparing a hookah session to feel like you are sitting in a hookah lounge, and a fresh hookah has been designed especially for you.

Not able to smoke precisely like a lounge?

Most people feel and experience that they have applied all tried and tested methods but can not produce the exact smoke they witness in hookah lounges. The most common question is: “Why isn’t my hookah smoking like the ones I get in the lounge?”

The most common reason is utilizing the wrong tobacco. Experts say that they often witness the fact that smokers want to experience the exact tobacco session as hookah lounges but fail to execute that, just for choosing the wrong and cheap tobacco, the result mostly comes unsatisfactory.


Many prominent brands have captured the market by making hookahs, bowls, hoses, and tobacco options. A few years ago, coconut coals did not even exist. It was more straightforward for beginners to choose the best among a few of the options. But today, as the day passes on, it is getting more complicated and challenging to navigate the way to choose the perfect ingredients for your first setup. Also, people are fond of inventing new techniques and things related to hookah to explore the flavors and inventions. It certainly helps to get the knowledge. Some tobaccos are great for making thick smoke, whereas others sometimes fail to produce that. Zomo is the flavor that deeply indulges into the prime features to make it more robust and fruitful for hookah smokers. Also, people tend to proceed without having proper knowledge on a specific topic. It’s an ardent request to them, please follow the instructions and do not buy any cheap tobacco, as cheap tobacco tends to harm and affect your health.

How do hookah lounges prepare their hookah?

The experts at hookah lounges are basically very careful about their executions as the reputation of the specific lounge depends on their contribution, although they are expert enough and hold much knowledge on the proper proportion of hookah ingredients. Moreover, they are knowledgeable enough to utilize the hookah ingredients and features. Thus the result is perfect.

We have researched and carefully crafted the possible ways of preparing the hookah set up implemented by the lounges and the shacks. Let’s explore the facts together.

Water Level

Well, this is one of the most crucial segments that you should be concerned about. You have to maintain the water balance in such a way that there is no harm due to the procedure. The main varying factor of hookah session is the water level, and it depends on how much water you put in the bottom of the base. The amount of water is crucial here that concentrates on vaping or smoking the hookah; the water level must hold the right proportion to not face any problem during the entire hookah session.

Experts say, “ The amount of water needed in a hookah varies depending on the actual hookah itself, as well as a personal preference to some degree.”

Remember, if the water is too low, the shisha smoking gets cooled readily. During the filtration, you can not smoke properly; due to this, you will certainly feel an unpleasant experience. Again, if you put too much water, the smoking gets extremely restricted, and you will feel absurd while sucking the water up into the hose. As a hookah enthusiast, I generally do have some extensive experience and find that about a 1/2 inch of the down stem would be perfect to suction and execute the proper water level at the base. Proper water level exactly does a smooth draw that minimizes the restriction while also allowing the shisha smoke to be properly cooled, and if you follow this specific thing, you will be on cloud 9!

Packing the bowl – the powerful segment

Bowl packing is another crucial segment that highlights the whole shisha session. Must remember, that there are plenty of bowls are available in the market, but it’s you who have to decide the right one, because a correct session depends on your choice, most importantly if you want the replica of the hookah lounges’ session, then you must opt for john bowl, harmony bowls, clay bowls, Egyptian hookah bowls etc. Since these styles of bowls are renowned in the hookah market and have been recognized as the crucial elements of hookah bowls – these you can even find in the lounges or the shacks.


To pack your bowl, take your desired tobacco, it would be great if you concentrate on zomo, and if possible break up the tobacco in right proportion. Stir it so that it does not get blended and allow the juiciness to fully incorporate with the chopped tobacco leaves (if you have). Your next task would be to grab a pinch of shisha and try channeling your inner bae. Also, you have to concerned on the rest of the procedure which involves the distribution of the tobacco flavor. Lightly sprinkle the tobacco into the dish of the bowl and make sure that you plug the small holes in the bottom of the bowl.

Then witness a fluffy layer of sprinkling tobacco that is filled up to the outer edge of the bowl, or just can below the edge.

Add Ice

I personally, as a hookah lover, do obtain specific things that are only followed by the hookah lounges as I love to follow their rules and technique. Mostly, at the hookah lounges I often witness they use ice instead of water or there is availability of ice water. Many smokers found this technique, I am one of them so today I thought of sharing this technique with you. If you are comfortable with chilled things, you will probably enjoy the whole session!

If you are habituated with cool water to have an excellent hookah buzz, you must adopt the ice to experience a tremendous and thick smoke! You can add more ice and enough water to the hookah base; now, the water mist covers the downstream. The most well-known technique has been used in which the ice in hookah hose is put in a specific way so that the smoke could properly add coal and ice. This entire technique enables you to enjoy thick smoke. Your smoke will permit your body to warm up the vapor, hence expanding it.

Dense Pack Method

Well, the dense pack method has been used to create smoke for many years, even hookah shacks used to satisfy their customers. If you are a real beginner, you need to know about using the dense pack. Now, many hookah lounges do not want to utilize this method as they don’t know how to execute the session with this specific technique, if you are a permanent customer of such a hookah lounge who love to experiment their session with dense pack method, then you can probably ask for the technique and utilize them. This is the ultimate process through which you can utilize the hookah bowl to increase the amount of smoke coming out of the hose. You need to load the bowl before starting the entire process. The whole process has been considered necessary as it will give you a better experience. There is some type of shisha that will provide you with a better experience.

Tobacco flavor collection

Who says strong buzz and great smoke! Are you? Then you must deeply indulge into some of the greatest and most favorite hookah tobacco flavors! Hookah shisha is one of the core ingredients that increase the level of smoking, and if you want to witness the great buzz, the greatest things you can achieve. Below we have mentioned some of the top rated tobacco flavors that are all time favorite to the smokers worldwide.

  • Azure Gold Line
  • Zomo World Line 250g
  • Zomo Classic Line 250g Mix Match
  • Adalya
  • Starbuzz Bold
  • Trifecta Blonde

These are only a few to name. Most of the time, zomo has been preferred to hookah smokers. The shisha is renowned for offering extraordinary flavors and blending.


Below, we have enlisted some outstanding series of zomo tobacco.

Multiple lines of Zomo

Zomo tobacco contains a specialty that makes the tobacco flavor different from others. It is also appealing to different types of smokers. Thus, the intensity of the tobacco depends on the high-end flavor technique. The most demanding flavors of zomo are:

  • Classic
  • Splash
  • Black Edition
  • Strong
  • World Experience

Use of aluminium foils

Sounds interesting or weird? You are probably thinking why on earth we have to use the aluminium foil in hookah session? Well, you must be aware of it that hookah sessions do need such essential ingredients that help to execute the whole session. Charcoal is one of them, you need hookah coals to light up the hookah session and to hold the coal you need the proper system so that a technique remains to execute a fruitful session.

A heavy duty aluminium foil is an appropriate ingredient that needs to maintain the whole workflow. You will need to cover the top of it with aluminium foil that works as a shelf of the charcoal. You can obtain ‘pre-punched’ foil packs that are specially designed for the hookah. Otherwise, you can go for heavy duty aluminium foil that works really well.

If you are addicted to inventing new kinds of hookah sessions that are opted by hookah lounges, you must indulge in the above mentioned techniques and steps to enjoy a fantastic hookah session.

Final Thoughts

Hookahs session is something that can be executed through the affection and dedication towards the element. Without proper desire, you can’t be able to execute the challenges. A hookah session seems like a very challenging task, but if you have a true desire to learn, you will definitely achieve something memorable and wonderful! But don’t forget to try out zomo – the hidden treasure of an adventurous journey! You will soon find out our next blog on hookah accessories that are primarily used by the lounges, till then, have a happy smoking!

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